Damn, what a fun game this Rays win was tonight.

The coolest thing about the win? Wade Davis pitched like he did earlier in the year. His seven-inning, six-hit no walk perforance — and quick work no less – really put a smile on Joe’s face as if someone bought him a beer at the Fruitdome.

If Wade Davis can pitch like this the rest of the way, Joe’s pretty confident the Rays can outlast the Yankmees for the division.

How neat was it to see the Rays get an insurance run against Shawn Camp? Was there a more brutal (Devil) Rays closer than Camp? Watching the Jays make a couple of errors behind him following by a Dirtbag sac fly was karma my friends.

Good baserunning. Good power (Carlos Pena again). Good bullpen pitching (again).

This is some sweet baseball folks.

Now if Jeff Niemann can regain his form Tuesday…



  1. nick says:

    This is a hell of a pennant race. I believe there was some kind of record set for the most days in a row tied atop the division. This last month is going to look like a Rocky fight.

  2. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Great win! The Rays pretty much man handled the Jays from start to finish tonight. The Pitching, hitting, defense, and base running couldn't have been much better.
    It's always fun to see C-PAIN hit a homerun, but it's twice as fun whenever he goes the opposite way with one! And yes Joe, It was nice to get an insurance run against Camp. I always hated seeing that a$$hole come into the game, and give up 5 or 6 run lead. 🙁

    All in all it was a great win.

    Go Rays!

  3. Don says:

    Qualls had the "best" play (8th inning strike out)....but bats coming to life..with everyone contributing!


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