Boy, this game started out with some promise. The first two hits were consecutive doubles in the first by SRod and Willie Aybar.

Joe was pumped!

And then… um, did someone forget to pay the power bill?

From then on, that team in the road grays looked anemic. Three hits in the final eight innings, really? This will likely fan the flames of trade talk for another bat but just who could the Rays sneak past the Yankees on the waiver wire?

The impotent Rays reared their ugly heads again, now on a three-game losing streak, matching their season-long skid. Call it the Friday night funk or the hitless wonders. Either way it was sad.

Sad that a team with so much promise can get shut down so easily and frustratingly, so often.

Sad that yet another Matt Garza gem was pissed away. With just a little offense, Garza could easily have 14 wins.

If there is any consolation to this irritating loss to Joe is that the Rays are still only a half-game out. And that Friday, for another week, is gone. And that the Rays have not lost four in a row this season.

Saturday should be much better.



  1. Gatorbuc15 says:

    It's always nice to throw a game away, literally.

    I didn't have much of a problem with Garza's miss throw, but what kind of F-ing throw was that by S-ROD! Bartlett needed an extra foot in height to catch that one, and their was no way Sean could have gotten the ball to 2nd in time to get the runner out!

    Please play better D tomorrow Rays.

  2. Don says:

    Headline: "Bad DEFENSE cost the Rays another win"....
    Oh wait a minute, Manager Madman fields a team loaded with .200 hitters, and bad fielders (Kaplar)..but wineole Joe says, "don't worry these players will over come the lowly Blue Jays..and their C. Young pitcher candidate?"
    Result 0 hits from Kaplar, Shopp (again), Upton (usually) and our 1/2 hero Bartlett...Oh, allstar CC resting comfortably on the bench after his traumatic week of PLAYING baseball...

    SURPRISE RESULT: Rays only score one (1) run, and lose 2to1!
    Coach Maddman says..."That damn defense cost us"

    • Preston says:

      Do you have anything positive to say about this team, ever?

      • Don says:

        Ok, CC is their best player, Longo & Zo tied for 2nd, Aybar should be playing everyday, their pitching is excellent although never ready in early innings, Jaso,Rodz,Brig good for rookies... Joe Maddman is a nice guy...there you feel better!

        • Gatorbuc15 says:

          I agree with just about everything you said in your 1st blog Don. But I don't think Evan is our 2nd best hitter right now. I think he's more like our 4th best at the momment. It's really pathetic.

          And Preston, what exactly is positive for the Rays at the momment?

  3. Brian says:

    This may be a stretch but I think CC gets to that Overbay double that went over Kap's head. However, there is no way CC guns the man down at home.

    Rays have a tendancy to score early and take the remainder of the night off.

    Longo needs to lift this team on his shoulders. It seems as though Longo hasn't had a clutch hit in weeks.

    The Rays need a shot in the arm.

  4. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Your right Brian, Crawford would have definately caught that ball that old man Kapler so majestically olayed! One thing I really dislike about Maddon, among other things, is how he gives our hottest players the night off when we face a very good pitcher. He seems to always do that! It's no wonder we only scored 1 run last night! And what in the HELL happend to Longo's bat!? Right now he seems to be comepletly lost at the plate. With C-PAIN on the 15 day disabled list, he can't afford to have a MEGA slump like he's having now!

    Turn it back around Evan! NOW!

  5. Don says:

    CC off again today (Sat.)...Maddon says: "he has to be fresh for another team next year (2011) instead of maybe hurting himself in the 2010 pennant race!
    Yankees emailed Maddman said they agree with his decision.....infact most of them!

    • Brian says:

      Why doesn't CC at least DH today? I understand we are facing a lefty but I like CC as DH over Big Willy against ANY pitcher.

      • Longorikos says:

        Sorry but there is no excuse for not starting CC. Better yet pinch hit for longo with krapler? R u serious????

  6. Katie says:

    Most of you guys have much better opinions of the Rays(except for Don). But can it kill you to be a little positive about the team after a loss? I mean three straight losses is nothing to be really happy about. But I'm trying to look at it from a different standpoint:
    * Garza and Price pitched really good games the past two days
    * In 2 out of 3 losses, we've seem to come back
    * The Yankees lost last night

    Granted, we made some defensive errors the last few days that have cost us, and Davis pitched really bad on Thursday.

    It's August, anything can happen, we still have some time left to get our offense going. Were still a half game back of the Yankees.

    Our main hitters need to step it up, as much as I love Longo on defense, he needs to step it up on offense. Pitching needs to continue to be great. Defense needs to be great because last night was just bad.

    Don't push the panic button until we lose 7 straight and were sitting in third place. Were doing a little better than the Yankees right now.

    Call me stupid, call me an idiot. But I think some of you people are overreacting a little bit. Yes we can't hit right now, but were too good not to be crappy the rest of the year.

    Maddon's not that horrible of a manager, some of the choices he makes have helped us win games. Last night, he had a horrlible lineup,and it cost us the game. Every manager makes stupid choices every once in a while. But he's the best manager we've ever had.

    I'm just speaking the truth, if you don't agree with me fine. But that's just what I think.

    • Longorikos says:

      Love the positive you point out Katie. I agree w most of what u say with one exception..papa Joe. I mean REALLY. Sit your best player 2 days in a row?? Leave shields in there just to get scorched? Pinch hit kapler for longo? And that's today. We've had at least 80 Lineups this year. 80! Love papa Joe but his madness will cost us many more games than any catwalk will!

  7. Don says:

    Katie, do you own a beauty parlor, Maddman needs you, He just got scalped today, do you feel the love all around..
    Can't wait for Maddmans comments...say " I loved the effort, if we would just have had a few less catwalks we would have won"
    Come on please, enough with the mediocre effort!

    • Kaite says:

      I don't feel like arguing with you, I was just trying to be postive unlike you who is never postive.

  8. Kaite says:

    I kind of have to agree with you, sitting Crawford is not/will ever be a good idea. How about sitting Longo?. He hasnt hit very well in the past few weeks. I love Joe too, I think he's kind of a genius. But I think some of the decisons he does make will cost us some games. But then again, some of his choices will help us win games.


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