Sometimes we like to catch the opposing team’s broadcast to get a different perspective. But when we do, we miss golden moments like this one. Luckily a couple of readers pointed us in the right direction.

The blow-up at the end was a nice touch.



  1. JP says:

    HAHHAAAA! Me and my friends saw this happen and have been trying to recreate it all week!! We got it down better than briggy now!

  2. Joe D. says:

    Cool, thanks for finding this one Cork!

  3. Kyra says:

    OMG you guys found it!!! That was so funny & cool. I wanted them to show it again but they never did. Reid has been teaching the other guys now & Price is picking it up. If you could get that tape of Price doing it also would we awesome. It happened in Wednesday's day game. Looked liked they were bored in the dugout again.

  4. d-money says:

    I saw this as well. I rewound over and over to see how he did it.

    Then at the close of another game, I think it was the next night, they showed a quick clip of David Price doing the same trick.

  5. Brett says:

    The little things like this make me certain that being a baseball player would be the best job in the world. Starting pitcher- work one day every 5 or so and get to watch games from the dugout during your off time. Perfection

    • d-money says:

      Thats pretty much exactly what Matt Garza said the a couple weeks ago when he was miked up during a game.

  6. smelp says:

    superb skills both on the field and in the dugout


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