First there was his mohawk-mullet hairdo. Then there was the hat during this interview. And now this screengrab from a promotional video for the Pepsi Refresh Project in which Evan Longoria is sitting with his legs crossed while wearing his uniform.

Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Dirtbag sitting cross-legged. And really, the only reason for this post is to remind you guys about the Pepsi Refresh Project where you can vote for Longoria’s project. That being said, it does seem that every time we see Longoria, he is doing something you may not normally see. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.



  1. Charlieray says:

    Evan needs to stop the party untill the wee hours of the AM. I Have heard this from many good people

  2. Joe D. says:

    Just as long as he keeps hitting doubles in the gaps, homeruns, taking walks, and playing gold glove defense, he’s cool in my book… Gap Toothed, cross legged sitting, in uniform, jumping out of helicopters for his hat, pimping pepsi refresh project, crazy hair, whatever…

    • Gatorbuc15 says:

      I agree with you Joe. AS LONG, as he continues to play spectaculer offence and defence, I won’t care what he does in his spare time. For all I care, he can go ORANGUTAN WRESTLING as long as he CONTINUES to hit.

      Notice the enfaces on AS LONG and CONTINUES. If he drops off much more, then I’ll really start to question him about his night life.

  3. Beth says:

    Did I miss something? What’s wrong about sitting cross-legged?

    • Gatorbuc15 says:

      Nothing really.

    • Willie says:

      I don’t think there is anything necessarily wrong with it, but it does look a little weird. How often do you see guys in the dugout with their legs crossed in such a formal manner? Just not his best look IMHO

    • Joe D. says:

      Nothing, though it’s slightly odd for a guy to sit with his knees that tight when sitting cross legged. Usually guys when they sit cross legged are more ankel on knee….

  4. jjdupree says:

    He’s seen what has happened to CC and Upton lately, so he’s just being “protective”

  5. Hal says:

    I know this is blasphemy, but hasn’t this season been a bit of a let-down? CC may end up hitting more home runs and his clutch hitting has been lacking for most of the year. I know he has no protection, etc., but he really hasn’t taken much of a step forward this year. Who would you rather have hitting at this point, Evan or Delmon Young?

  6. smelp says:

    when i saw this too i thought it was a bit odd or unnatural but whatever gets the point across. he’s still a stud anyways. totally smelp-approved.

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