Joe’s completely forgotten about hell June. This is way too much fun.

The crappy Indians rolled into the FruitDome tonight, and Wade Davis looked like a legitimate fifth starter on a contender, Carl Crawford channeled Dave Kingman, and John Jaso danced on the basepaths like Vince Coleman.

Rays 5, Indians 2. Six in a row.

Leave it to Crawford to throw a big bucket of cold water on the fire in his postgame interview. “You know, we still behind [the Yankees],” Crawford said.

Yeah, yeah, C.C., Joe’s not getting down off his high so fast.

Joe’s got to show Joe Maddon a little love for tossing Carlos Pena into the cleanup spot. Surely Merlot Joe was counting on Jake Westbrook hanging his share of sinkers, and Pena cracked No. 17 right on cue. Crawford also ate up some of those meatballs with two dingers, one estimated at 445 feet.

Defensive gems were everywhere. And Joe includes B.J. Upton’s made-it-look-easy catch late among them. What Ben Zobrist makes look spectacular, Upton makes look routine.

Joe’s fired up. He won’t even nitpick and scold Lance Cormier for trying to barehand a ball going past him. (We need that hand, Lance).

Yeah, the Rays are in second place. But it feels like they’re in the driver’s seat.





  1. Connie says:

    Fun read. Oh WHY can't the skankees ever lose?

    • John S says:

      They are playing Seattle and Oakland.. they probably should win those...

      That is why the sweep of the Red Sox was sooo huge... for intra-division games you play a fixed amount... well those are 3 less games against them now.. and 3 wins... Yankees I believe still have more games against the Red Sox left throughout the season and I do not want to be playing them later in season when they get healthy.

  2. Will says:

    I like these! 🙂

  3. Don says:

    Longo. signed, Zobrist signed, Most of our pitchers signed....
    Sign Crawford NOW and pay him what he is worth!
    Screw the rest of them, they can't hit anyway..fill the rooster with young guys making major league min. if we have to....
    Dump... Pena (d. Johnson or aybar) Upton ( Jennings) Bartlett
    (Brig)...What can it hurt? We would be better...$ saved pays CC.......NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jim says:

    "He won’t even nitpick and scold Lance Cormier for trying to barehand a ball going past him. (We need that hand, Lance)."

    Do we? There isn't anybody down in the minors that could throw better than him?

  5. robert says:

    6 in a row-- I feel better!


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