You’re all getting annoyed by used to the Postgame Shot Of Joe here on your favorite Rays website.

But inevitably many of you are asking the question, ‘Who the hell is Joe?’

Well, Joe is the collective voice of a couple of professional sportswriters with almost 40 years combined in the business, with a majority of that time in the Tampa Bay market. …Yes, Joe has a clue.

Joe was a Kansas City Royals beat writer. He’s been a credentialed media guy covering the Rays. He even worked for MLB, and spent far too much of his life sitting in lonely minor league baseball press boxes.

And Joe is a baseball junkie and a huge Rays fan. Joe goes to games. Joe loathes Vince Naimoli. Joe knows “Ferg.” Joe despises Naimoli. Joe wept when Danny Baez left. Joe’s a big fan of the racoon that terrorized Naimoli.

As for all the third person shenanigans, Joe writes in the third person because he likes it. And also because that’s the signature of Joe’s wildly popular Tampa Bay Buccaneers blog,

Outside of all that, Joe enjoys cold beer, spectacular blondes and naughty Latino woman.

Bring on the Yankmees.




  1. Sarah says:

    Joe, it’s great to have you here, but I really hate the third person stuff. It’s pretentious and sometimes confusing (for example,there are times when I don’t know if “Joe” means you or Joe Maddon.)

    • Hal says:

      Thank you. The third person crap makes your writing unreadable. You do realize that the most hated, loved, and discussed person on the Rays is named Joe, right?

      • Cork Gaines says:

        I’m not sure if I have ever referred to Joe Maddon as “Joe.” We don’t know him that well. You will see him referred to as “JoeMa,” “Joe Maddon,” “Maddon” and occasionaly as “@#$$ $%@#@#.” I think most people will have no problem making the distinction.

        • Hal says:

          No knock on you brother, but it’s just confusing. Just 2 days ago you had a headline that said something like “Joe remembers George Steinbrenner” and I naturally thought it was a post about JoeMa and some kind of interesting interaction he had with the boss. But, instead it was Joe telling us about Joe doing this and Joe thinking that and Joe going to the bathroom and Joe liking hot girls.

          Hal thinks that this site is the best. Hal doesn’t like Joe Bucs Fan, but Hal likes Joe Maddon. Hal’s gonna be allright though because Hal will just not read stuff from Joe. Hal is excited about this weekend and Hal will enjoy beers tonight during the game. Hal out.

    • Brad says:

      I have to agree. The constant third person voice makes these posts borderline unbearable. The content is fine, but the writing style really needs some work.

  2. JoeRaysFan says:

    Thanks for the love, Sarah and Hal. Joe’s gotten the “unreadable” and “confusing” feedback before. …It’s not everyone’s taste, but most people deal with it an enjoy it because it works. Sort of like Joe Maddon’s tinkering with the lineup.

  3. Russ says:

    Cork, I’ve loved this blog for a while but I never had the urge to post before now.

    Joe Rays Fan is really dumbing down your blog. I know the affiliation is good for traffic and all, but this’s guys schtick got old within the first few paragraph. It also seems to mask the fact that there is little actual analysis or insight in his writing- the stuff that makes your blog worthwhile to read.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      Russ, I appreciate the comments, but Joe is not a substitute. I’m not posting any less. In fact, I am probably writing more often now. If Joe is not your flavor, that’s OK. You can skip his posts. I like his stuff and a lot of other people do also. And it is my belief that it compliments what I do very well.

  4. Gus says:

    I heard “Joe is taking his talents to South Beach this fall”. Is that true?

  5. Chris says:

    Chris does not like the addition.
    Chris thinks third person writing is poor at best.
    Chris thinks Joe adds nothing of substance to the blog.
    Chris will now just skip the Joe parts and will read the Cork posts.

  6. Dirtbag Fan says:

    I’ve been an RI fan for many years now, stalking every post to the point where I decided to leave Prof alone and start my own blog (now defunct). Life has gotten super-hectic and I rarely post anymore, but I have to say that if Joe had been here from the start I’d have never stuck around.

  7. Dave says:

    I enjoy reading articles from Joe, but the 3rd person stuff, makes me cringe. I really don’t want to read it because it is painful. The pieces are funny, but I really hate the 3rd person crap.

    Possible Solution: since you’re technically a new person over here (Joe Bucs Fan is Joe Rays Fan over here), you should have this guy start talking in the 1st person. I promise more people will read and less people will complain.

  8. Preston says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb, and say, I find his posts humerous. I like it, it adds another dimension to the blog, and I feel it compliments well with Cork’s writing.

    Joe, keep bein’ Joe.

  9. Rob says:

    I will always check this site out because I love the roster projections, which are real handy, and things of that nature, but “Joe” is everything I hate about sports coverage or the lack there of. All bluster, no substance. But unlike TV or radio, it’s easy enough to just skip his posts, so Cork, if it works for you, awesome!

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