First came news that all three games of the Rays-Yankees series was sold out. Sure Alex Rodriguez’ pursuit of 600 has a little to do with that. But still, it is the first time in franchise history that the Rays have sold out three consecutive home game.

And then came the announcement of yesterday’s attendance for the fourth game of the Tigers series: 26,716.

Twenty-seven thousand for a mid-week game? Versus a Central division team? A day game? That floors us.

Last season, the Rays only had seven mid-week games (Mon-Thurs) that drew more than 26,716. All seven were versus the Yankees or Red Sox. And all seven were night games. Only once in 2009 did the Rays have a mid-week, afternoon game versus a non-divisional foe that drew more than 16,200. That was an Aug 3 match-up versus the Royals that drew 24,219. We believe that was also a kids day-camp game.

And yet, when we scan the national media outlets this morning we don’t see anything written about the Rays attendance. Maybe we should ask Peter Gammons if he still thinks it is “shameful.



  1. Sarah says:

    Well, the couple of thousand kids who came as part of the "parks and rec" day did pump up attendance just a tad. But those camp groups mainly filled some of the outfield sections - and the rest of the stadium looked pretty nicely filled with paying guests. It makes me optimistic that the weekend sell outs are not mostly Yankee fans hoping to see #600.

    • Rumpy says:

      it was more than just a couple thousand I think. Those kids from the camps covered almost the entire outfield and also spilled into the corner sections of the lower levels past the corona beach bar and checkers bullpen cafe. If it wasnt for them, the attendance would have been right around 20k IMO. That is still pretty good for a middle of the week, middle of the summer, day game against the tigers.

      • Beth says:

        On the other hand, no doubt all the other teams have their fair share of similar promotions and they still count them toward their attendance figures.

  2. How is the White sox attendance?

  3. Roger Mallett says:

    Maybe cause of the fact we still rank 24th in Attendance with an average of 21,878 and we are above the Mighty Royals, Pirates, Blue Jays, A's, Marlins and Indians....All those teams have something in common....And I read Texas is only 2,500 above us and they are in 1st place. The Rangers are averaging 28,505 a game. Almost 7000 more than us. I live in Pinellas and I think the team should move to downtown Tampa near the Ice Palace. Best place for the team. More Corporate down there.

  4. John S says:

    Lets wait and see what proportion of the crowd are Rays fans?

  5. Zac says:

    Bob Klapisch from takes an attendance shot in his article today. Check it out...

    "Even Tampa Bay’s sleepy baseball community has figured out this is a can’t-miss series: while only 17,000 were on hand for Matt Garza’s no-hitter against the Tigers on Monday, the Trop is sold out for all three games against the great monolith from the north."

  6. Don says:

    As I have said many times the Rays are GROWING a was not over night... but continues EVERY year...they are on the right track!


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