[Update] Now Adam Dunn is telling people that he is open to DHing for the rest of the season. Meanwhile, Andrew Friedman says there is “less than 50 percent” chance a trade will happen.

[Update] The Yankees are no longer in the Adam Dunn sweepstakes, and have now turned their attention to Lance Berkman. Richard Justice says the Rays are also interested in Berkman. Meanwhile, Jon Heyman says White Sox are trying to get Dunn without trading Edwin Jackson, but Bob Nightengale reports that Jackson is part of the package being offered to the Nationals.

[Update] Big League Stew reports (via Twitter)that the White Sox sent out an email to their fans announcing the Jackson trade and brings up a good question: “Would they do that if he’s destined for the Piazza-Marlins treatment (about to be flipped to another team)?” So maybe the Rays are still players for Adam Dunn.

[Update] Edwin Jackson has been traded again. This time he is going from the D-Backs to the White Sox. This is important to the Rays, because some believe Jackson could be dealt again, going to the Nationals for Adam Dunn. Of course, the Rays have been considered the favorites to land Dunn. [SI.com]

[9:30am] We have heard and read a lot of rumors involving the Rays. If there is a player that is going to be traded, the one name that makes the most sense on the big league roster is Wade Davis. He is also tonight’s scheduled starting pitcher. Therefore, even though the trade deadline is tomorrow, if Davis is going to be traded, it will likely happen today, prior to his start.

If any minor rumors hit the interwebs today, we will update this thread.



  1. doug says:

    I awoke this morning to the thought of Davis to the Astros for Berkman. Appropriate roster move would be Hellickson promoted and Aybar or Kaplar released. Berkman is a switch hitter, and can be a B/U or platoon for Pena at 1st base. His costs would be more in line with what the team could bear and he seems to be a good fit with Maddon ball.

  2. Gus says:

    If you trade Davis, it better be for somebody who can help put the team over the top. Not sure how trading a young but solid guy with a big frame who looks like a future innings eating machine is brilliant.

    Davis to me is very reminiscent of Price’s 2009. Both had promising late-season call ups, scuffled a little bit as a starter, but always showed you signs of real ability. I don’t think Davis has Price’s ceiling, but he’s nothing to be scoffed at.

  3. Joe D. says:

    I agree on Davis, but if you can get Adam Dunn, (don’t care what people are saying he’s not Pat Burrell) he’s a guy that can put you over the top, and you get 2 Draft Picks for him, I think the rays need to make that move…. Even if it means puting Dunn in RF, or convincing CC to play some CF and puting in LF. Dunn is an impact bat!

  4. I like Davis and I think he has a lot of potential down the road for years to come. However, if you can pick up Adam Dunn then I think you gotta do it. He can play RF and Joyce can move to CF or DH. I think the worst case scenario is that Dunn ends up on the Yanks.

  5. John S says:

    The Nationals would give more than Dunn back for Davis

  6. Gus says:

    I want Dunn as much as they next guy, but not for WD-40. Minor leaguers only.

  7. Joe D. says:

    Gus, Rays are going to have to move pitching in the next 12 months, if not Davis now, then who and when?

    Rays also have Torres tearing up AA, next season the Rays could very well be going through the exact same thing next season with Torres (as Hellickson) at AAA, with out one of the current starters.

    Rays also have McGee on the way, most think he’ll go to the ‘pen, good problems to have. I just think that you may as well rent Dunn and turn him in to two draft picks, all for one starter that might not even have a spot next season anyway.

    • Gus says:

      I’m assuming Shields and Garza won’t be Rays after 2011; if so, that is a whole lot of innings we are going to need to account for, not to mention injury and flameout factor (i.e the Kazmir syndrome).

      We’ve been giving away young starters like candy for the last two years (Hammell and Talbot) getting too little in return. Two months of Dunn plus picks isn’t enough for WD-40.

      • John S says:

        Gus is exactly correct.

        Dunn for Davis very lopsided in favor of the Nats.

        The market is being set very low for existing pro players.

        • John S says:

          Also Torres is doing well I would not say exactly tearing it up, he is young and Rays I have heard from numerous Rays personnel is staying in AA for at least a portion of next year. Probably will be joined by Moore and Barnese at the beginning of next year.

  8. Joe D. says:

    Humm, Edwin Jackson to the white sox, nats want E Jax, and ChiSox Dunn… I wonder if Rays start focusing on ‘stros Birkman and Lindstrom…

  9. Leighroy says:

    Hellickson just pitched the other day, even if it was only 3 innings, and WD pitches tonight. So…just WHO would start tonight if they traded Davis today?? I can’t imagine they’d move Garza up a day after going 120 pitches for the no-no and do we really want to start Sonnanstine in the first game of a crucial series? He hasn’t pitched in a long time anyway! Obviously there’d still be tomorrow to go before the deadline, but point is, I don’t see anything happening today.

    If I had to part with anyone in our rotation it’d be Shields. As it stands now, I think a 3-man playoff rotation would have to be Price-Niemann-Garza so he’d be the odd man out anyway.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      I agree that it is not likely, and yes, I think Sonnanstine would start with a very short leash.

      As for Shields, I do think there is a chance he will be traded but not until the off-season and only if Davis or Hellickson is not traded before the deadline. If the Rays are going to make an October run, they need Shields. They need him to be better, but they do need him.

      • John S says:

        Cork is right. Shields probably gone in the offseason, the question is what do you guys think he can get for him?

  10. Joe D. says:

    Then ask for Storen too… Rays need a middle of the line up bat, more than probably any other team in contention, and we have the talent to aquire it, either on the farm or in a Davis. The Rays won’t have this opportunity to make a run deep in to the playoffs too often, they need a bat, either a Birkman, or a Dunn type, and I’d love to se the bounty that the Rays could get for a Shields or Garza, I just don’t think the Rays have the luxury to wait around a year to see what those guys can bring, they are too valuable to the rays right now.

  11. Gatorbuc15 says:

    I would much rather see the RAYS pick up Dunn than Berkman. Dunn has a much better swing that would be able to hit AL East pitching, where as I’m not so convinced in Berkman’s capability of being able to hit AL EAst pitching. Dunn has also had a much better year HR, AVG, RBI, SLG PCT, and OBP wise than Berkman has. PLus, Dunn is younger then Berkman as well.

  12. John S says:

    Berkman can be had for more than 1 year though, he is not a 2 month rental

  13. Joe D. says:

    The problem with Shields, I think he’s reached his potential, which isn’t bad, he’s a top to middle of the rotation guy, I’d think you could get 2-3 mid level prospects for, or one high ceiling prospect for.

    I’d guess more than what’s been delt for Capps, maybe a little over what A’s got for Blanton.

    • John S says:

      I, nor really anyone else in baseball, can not believe what the Twins got a non-tender player. Ramos has struggled this year but his previous history tells otherwise. I mean he is a top 50 prospect and could probably immediately start for us against lefties and Jaso against righties, even though Ramos a plus defensive catcher.

  14. Joe D. says:

    Apparently Dunn Not Going To ChiSox For E Jax…


  15. John S says:

    What type of money is Dunn looking for? 4 years at what price?

  16. John S says:


  17. MJ says:

    Now that the yanks r out of the Dunn picture, Friedman can start posturing w “less than 50%” talk. While it may prove true, there’s no reason to say it unless u want it to be heard.

  18. John S says:

    And BJ Upton is still hopeless at the plate

  19. Joe D. says:

    Yanks apparently have deals for berkman and kerns…

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