A reminder that The Professor, Cork Gaines, will make an appearance on “The Fabulous Sports Babe Show” on ESPN 1040 AM at about 12:35 pm today.

You can listen via the station’s website.



  1. Carey says:

    Nice. They preceed you with a freakin' "Home of Yankees Baseball Commercial."


    • Amanda says:

      Yeah, Cork, sorry but I can't listen to you on that station. I can't abide by a Tampa station that plays the Yankees, and is proud of it.

      • Cork Gaines says:

        Well, only one station can carry the Rays games and I'm sure 1040 would if they could. What's the alternative? Yankees games are going to get them more listeners than another talk show. And I can't really blame them for promoting their own programming.

        • Amanda says:

          Do you think a competing station to WEEI in Boston would go, "Oh, we can't play the Red Sox, so we may as well play the Yankees"? The only station in all of Mass. that plays the Yankees is a station 20 miles outside of Albany and on the other side of the state from Boston.

          Cork, please know that it's not a knock on you, and The Babe is absolutely one of my heroes. But from a pure MLB Blackout Regulations standpoint, it's not right.

          Besides, I can catch your opinions here. 🙂

  2. Brian H says:

    Moves, deals and decisions by buster olney on espn insider:

    1. What follows is pure speculation, and nothing more: As the Tampa Bay Rays consider ways to upgrade their lineup in the last 16 days before the trade deadline, maybe they should be the team that goes out on a limb and makes a deal for Prince Fielder, who would represent a dramatic change for their offense. The Rays could structure an offer around right-hander Wade Davis -- the kind of power pitcher Milwaukee needs -- and could have Fielder for the 2011 season, as well, before he becomes a free agent.

    The Rays would trot out a hell of a core in the middle of their lineup, as they make their push for the playoffs:

    No. 2 hitter: Carl Crawford
    No. 3: Fielder
    No. 4: Evan Longoria

  3. Goose says:

    Have to consider I would think that Prince Fielder would sell some tickets.


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