It was awesome to see the shutdown bullpen return and Rafael Soriano expecting perfection after slamming the door on a 5-4 win in Baltimore this afternoon.

Postgame MFIKY explaining in busted English how he apologized to Joe Maddon after last night’s blown save was quite touching.

Joe eats that stuff up.

And Joe was promptly put back in his chair when MFIKY insisted he wasn’t rusty last night. “No. No. No. No. No,” Soriano said after Todd Kalas queried him about being rusty following a nine-day layoff.

While Joe surely expected nothing from James Shields today, “Big Game” brought at least what has become his game — enough for a good bullpen, strong defense and live bats to work with.

Sadly, there’s really no glimmer of hope to Shields at this point. At least with Garza, everyone knows he’s a wack job with better stuff who will probably snap out of it for at least a good stretch over the final 11 weeks.

So the Rays are now .500 through six games on this roadtrip with a couple that got away.

It’s good enough right now, even it it doesn’t feel that way.



  1. Myrna says:

    Why mention "busted English"??!! At least he did not use a translator and he was being interviewed for the first time that I have seen! I watch most postgame shows and it was enlightening to see this one.

  2. Joe Rays Fan says:

    Just painting a picture, Myrna. He sounded great. Fired me up big time.

  3. Don says:

    Beat up the O's Mon. night...must have been glad to get out of NY...
    Then life and death to split next two...with last place team..
    Now head to city where they have lost 11 in a row?
    Back home with Det. & NY...
    Lets hope for .500 in July....... and Boston never get healthy!

  4. Sublime says:

    I agree with Myrna, it was refreshing to see Mr. Soriano give a interview! Good job Rafael!

  5. Beth says:

    And a guy actually apologizing for a bad performance instead of saying "I felt pretty good out there"....I don't care if he's speaking pig Latin, I like the sense of responsibility.

  6. Don says:

    Ole will learn...any criticism....lang., race, sex, ect will bring down the rath of the broad posters....but that.... shows your gathering mo..mentom....keep on!

  7. I love how MFIKY seems to not know anyone's name. He refers to Maddon as "the Manager" and almost seemed surpised that the guy that throws the 8th innings named "Benoit." He also did that during the All-Star game saying that "some guy (meaning Mariano Rivera) got hurt and couldn't play so they called me."

    Wow. The Legend of MFIKY grows by the day!

  8. Preston says:

    Alright, I feel really dumb, but I never picked up on what MFIKY means. Anyone care to enlighten me? (I understand it's a nick for Soriano)

    • Cork Gaines says:

      No worries. It is from his days in Atlanta and has taken a life of it's own in message boards and Twitter. Stands for "Mother F****** I'll Kill You," and refers to his stare and how he never smiles. All business.

      • Although, I'm wondering if we should rethink the nickname now that I know he apologized to Matt Garza for blowing that save. True MFIKY should've slapped Garza for giving back to back to back homers.


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