Before Monday’s no-hitter, Matt Garza and James Shields were fighting it out to become the first Rays starter to grab a 5.0 ERA.

But unlike with Shields, Joe and every other Rays fan knew that at some point Garza and his great stuff would get hot.

Well, now he’s hot — in a big way. No-hitters are special. Sheer brilliance. Joe was on his feet anxiously chugging beers throughout the ninth. The ERA is down to 4.

Garza’s got two more starts on this 11-game homestand. And Joe’s now expecting great quality out of those efforts. The no-hitter came at the perfect time.

Joe’s completely confident the Rays will grab at least seven out of 11 on the homestand.

Lost in Matt Joyce’s no-hitter busting grand slam was Carl Crawford reaching base two batters earlier via catcher’s interference.

Anyone who’s been to Rays games can plainly see that Crawford routinely has his back foot out of the batter’s box but doesn’t get called for it or seemingly ever warned by the umpire.

On Monday night, it paid off in a big way leading to the catcher’s interference and the subsequent Grand Salami.

Joe’s always wondered when an opposing team would try to get in Crawford’s head and upset his rhythm by moaning to the umpire about his illegal stance. Joe suspects that’s likely to come a lot sooner now.

As for Joyce, he got some gift from Max Scherzer on the home run pitch, a cupcake of a fastball up that he could yank 340 feet to glory. Joe much preferred Carl Crawford’s 400-foot muscle job in the eight on a pretty good pitch.

Beyond that, the bats were dead, which has to end real fast if the Rays plan to build on Garza’s gem.



  1. Hoss says:

    This "Joe Rays Fan" guy is terrible. I've been avoiding his posts since he came on, but after the no hitter, I came back to read the coverage - ie. this awful article. I'm unsure if anyone cares what "Joe" was doing in the 9th inning. Was his bowel movement strong in the 3rd?

    I previously enjoyed this site because the lack of ego in the articles. This guy is ruining this website.

  2. Joe Rays Fan says:

    Thanks, Hoss.

    Hardly a big pile of ego to say Joe was drinking beer in the ninth, like many of my Rays fan brothers and sisters. And, just in case you were curious, Joe had a fabulous urination in the sixth.

    Considering Joe now writes about 12.6 percent of the content on the fabulous, it's hard to understand how it's ruining anything. Joe won't be insulted if you simply pass on his copy.

  3. Leighroy says:

    I don't know if "ego" is the proper term to describe Joe's articles but I can see how his "style" can put some people off. Nonetheless I find him to be insightful and generally on point with most of his commentary if you can get past it though.

    One point I will contest however, is the musings about Crawford's stance. He isn't the only player who stands out of the box. The Boston Troll--er I mean Kevin Youkilis-- massacres the back line each game in his first at bat and then clearly stands in there behind where the line used to be. Also, replay of Johnny Damon in the first inning on the telecast showed how jumpy he gets in the box, but also showed his left foot being very close to over the line as well. Those are just a couple examples, but bottom line is Carl isn't the only one.

    It is certainly interesting that the interference call happened and had the impact it did in that inning, and probably was a controversial call at worst. But to imply that Carl is going to induce complaints or retribution because he has the black sheep of baseball stances is a bit of a stretch.

    • Alex says:

      I wouldn't really say its insightful. I'd say its just there. Its a recap of the game and nothing more. I have nothing against whoever rights these and all the more power to whomever it is to get paid to do this, but the articles don't really add much to the site other than being a narrative recap for each game. It's like reading a talk radio transcript.

  4. Joe Rays Fan says:


    NEVER wrote that Crawford is the only one. Didn't even imply that. Youklis, as well as David Ortiz, is just as guilty. Just saying that every time I see Crawford at the Trop, I wonder when a team is going to complain. It won't be the Sox, however, since they have two those guys doing the same thing.

  5. Tom says:

    "But unlike with Shields, Joe and every other Rays fan knew that at some point Garza and his great stuff would get hot."

    Takes a lot of guts to wtite that you KNEW Garza would get hot AFTER he throws a no-hitter.

    • Joe Rays Fan says:

      Hate to break it to you, but Joe pretty much wrote just that last week.

  6. Leighroy says:


    I guess what I more so meant to say, rather than actually said, was that because he's not the only one who does it, I can't see any other teams getting upset and complaining because it is so prevelant. I know you didn't say he was the only one, but just the overall tone of the 4 paragraphs devoted to the subject made it seem like he was. No hard feelings though on my end.

    • Joe Rays Fan says:

      Leighroy - It's always the timing of the complaint, usually done to rattle a guy at a strategic time. Just hoping Crawford is ready for it mentally...If you're an old-timer, you'll remember when the Cardinals starting calling for umps to check the Mets' Howard Johnson's bat. ...With a tight a race as the Rays likely will be in, those kinds of shenanigans are probably coming.

      • Sarah says:

        Well, with Crawford likely to be playing for a competitor next year, maybe the Rays want to keep this to use against him in a key situation!


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