First from Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports (via Twitter) we learn from the Rays that they don’t think they will acquire Jayson Werth and that they might have been close to trading for David DeJesus at one point…

Rays source: Seriously doubt we get Werth. DeJesus was the better bet until he ran into the wall.

DeJesus just went on the 15-day DL with a sprained thumb.

The trade info is interesting, but what is particularly interesting to us is that Brown got this straight from somebody inside the Rays front office. The Rays have a very small and a very quiet circle in the front office. Almost all trade rumors involvoing the Rays come from source on or near other teams.

But the rumor that caught our attention comes from Tom Krasniqi (via Twitter)…

Just heard this: Rays “kicking the tires” of Royals pitcher Zack Greinke…Would take a large ransom, but the Rays have pieces to do it

Now, the Rays “kick the tires” on a lot of players, so it is not surprising that the Rays would call the Royals and ask about Zack Greinke. But what is surprising is that somebody thought enough of this one to mention it to Krasniqi.

It’ll probably end up being nothing…but man oh man! Then again, Greinke is not a fan of pitching in The Trop.



  1. TBGriot says:

    Seeing as how he has a team friendly contract option for 2011 and could play any outfield position (although he’s below average in center) Dejesus looked like an interesting option. He’s been below the radar good the past couple years and great this year. A trade for him (barring GMDM asking for too much) sounded like an interesting deal, especially to help soften the blow of losig CC (we all know it’s gonna happen).

    That is until hand met wall last night. Damn.

  2. Neal says:

    I wonder how he would feel about the Trop if he came to play here.

  3. Matt says:

    Well we’d probably have to give up Davis or Hellickson for Greinke so no way!

  4. TBGriot says:

    Anyone think Dayton Moore is dumb enough to accept Shields and some non-premium prospects (premium=Hellboy, Jennings, Moore, Barneese) for Grienke? He does want to trade for Jeff Francoeur after all, if you believe the rumors.

    • Matt says:

      He would probably do that deal but we don’t have the best GM either. Friedman would probably back out of that and would say he didn’t see a fit. I believe Moore likes Francouer because Moore worked for the Braves when Jeff was there, just a possible reason.

  5. Don says:

    Give the Royals Shields & Davis…two starters for one…
    and Upton for an outfielder…
    We get Grienke and bring up Hell boy…we got a deal..
    Kick out anyone who brings a cowbell when Grienke pitches and get rid of the little girls dancing on the dugouts….Grienke would go for it to go to the World Series…as the Rays would with Him…

  6. Matt says:

    Just read that Ted Lilly has the Rays on his no trade list, Darn!

    • Dirtbag Fan says:

      Its not necessarily a no trade clause, its a trade block clause… he can block a trade to the Rays (or 9 other teams) if he so chooses.

  7. TBGriot says:

    A definite reason. Kansas City is the “land of misfit Braves” as I heard one Royals blogger describe it. I wish we had some ex-braves a la Betemit and Chen on the roster to help pry some of that abundant farm talent from them

    • Matt says:

      If the Royals acquire Francouer he’ll be the 6th former brave joining Bruce Chen, Kyle Farnsworth, Kyle Davies, Anthony Lerew, and Kila Kaihue. How nice

  8. TBGriot says:

    Hey, maybe we can trade for Kila! Someone needs to free him from AAA purgatory

    • Matt says:

      Not a bad replacement for Pena next season since he’s hitting .306 in Omaha. How about Shields, Nick Barnese, Kyeong Kang, and cash for Greinke and Ka’aihue. Now we have a pitching replacement and next years losses covered with the exception of Soriano.

  9. Michael says:

    Keep in mind Grienke is from Apopka. A lot of players on opposing teams hate playing at the Trop, but they get used to it real quick when all the noise/cheering/winning is on their side. I’m sure he’d be just fine playing so close to home, getting out of KC, and having legit chances of making the playoffs until he’s a free agent.

  10. John S says:

    What is Grienke’s deal like?

    He has fallen off a bit this year. Questionable mechanics

  11. John S says:

    Yeah I mean the Rays will want to start with Shields in the deal.

    They could package Shields and another premium pitcher (Probably Double AA like Barnese) and a fringe + prospect (Sweeney) for Zach Grienke and a high end Class A prospect.

  12. TBGriot says:

    The Royals aren’t going to trade for Shields, but one can still (unreasonably) hope GMDM is that stupid. Grienke has lost a little velocity on his FB and hitters are laying off his slider this year but his tRA is still 3.31 and his FIP is 3.45, still front line starter numbers. Plus, did anyone expect him to repeat his 2009?

  13. mike says:

    Grienke is one of the few players who would be worth trading some top prospects for. He is a true stud pitcher and has lots of good years left. Davis or Hellboy and Rodriguez maybe?

  14. TBGriot says:

    Rodriguez would be a good add in as the Royals are weak when it comes to 2nd base prospects, but who would we replace him with?

  15. John S says:

    Bring back AKI !!!


  16. Chris says:

    I would like Greinke, but it seems like Soria would be a great fit as well. It would be nice to have a closer locked up for a few years at a decent salary.

  17. Austin says:

    Royals have already said that Soria is nearly untouchable and it would take an incredible deal to get him but its definitely fun to image him in Tampa. Talk about lights out!

    • Chris says:

      Soria and Greink are nearly untouchable, but the Rays could pull it off theoretically. I would think Soria would be cheaper too and probably a better fit.

  18. TBGriot says:

    We can dream about getting Grienke or Soria but that’s not likely to happen. But why haven’t the Rays (or another club) tried to trade for Kila Ka’ihue. Dayton Moore doesn’t seem to like/believe in him so he could prolly be gotten cheap and the Rays need a bat. At worst he produces at the level of Matt Joyce (lots of walks and some power) and at best he could be like a vintage Jack Cust or a less skilled Adam Dunn. Let’s kick the tires, damnit!

  19. Matt says:

    I’d like the Rays to sign BJ Ryan to a minor league deal. Last year he did pretty bad trying to comeback but he is very good historically and if he works out we have next years closer.

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