Here is an interview from Spring Training of last year that we just stumbled upon. We have no idea who is doing the interview, but we are certainly impressed by Jaso’s ability to keep the drool in his mouth…

And here is the same young lady interviewing Carlos Pena.



  1. MM says:

    painful to watch. pretty sure my IQ just dropped

    • Cork Gaines says:

      Yeah, “rock, paper,scissors” is probably not the best premise for an interview.

      • MM says:

        look up their youtube page and look at the other vids…you’ll want to shoot yourself. here’s hoping the intern that failed doing a background check and gave them credentials is no longer there

  2. I remember this girl.
    She was associated with some blog ( )or production company out of Canada and every one of the guys wanted to talk to her (duuh).
    She is one of those vibrant blondes who’s bubbly exterior and fashion sense hid a “rock,paper scissors interview implosion.
    But you got to admit, Carlos held his own.
    They also talked to Asotro Michael Bourn and Jonny Gomes, plus a funny segment with a drunken fan.
    Blondes, a mic and baseball….what could go wrong?

    • MM says:

      note, the blog/website/company doesn’t exist anymore and all they did were 6 total interviews.

      and please…”blondes, a mic and baseball…what could go wrong?”…females like this are why guys bag on female reporters and don’t take all females seriously when we say we know/like sports. try not encourage this stupidity by validating them bc of their looks

      • Sarah says:

        MM, you wrote: “females like this are why guys bag on female reporters and don’t take all females seriously when we say we know/like sports”

        So you would judge all female sports reporters based on the idiocy of one amateur blogger? Because she’s female her shortcomings somehow cast aspersions on the talents of other reporters?

        If a male reporter does a particularly idiotic interview (and, shockingly enough, I’ll bet we’ve all encountered male sports “reporters” who are equally stupid), can we say that he makes all males look bad?

        In that case, I’d say Rich Herrera should be ashamed for giving all overweight white sportscasters a very bad name!

        • Cork Gaines says:

          Well, I for one am not going to judge male actors just because Josh Hartnett can actually find work in Hollywood.

        • MM says:

          i personally don’t judge all female reporters because of a few bad apples but i can’t say the same for the sports world.

          the stereotype for females in sports is one that can’t really be shook. do i wish female reporters were judged individually rather than as a whole, absolutely. will that ever happen, hopefully. is that the case now, no. it’s because of “amateur bloggers” or “reporters” like this that the stereotype gets further perpetuated and makes it harder for the sports world to take females seriously.

          • Sarah says:

            No, it’s because of dimwits who makes assumptions about real reporters based on amateur bloggers that such stereotypes get perpetuated.

  3. Michael Whitt says:

    Meh. It’s not so bad if you turn the volume off.

  4. Don says:

    Wonder if she interviewed Longo…He would have been on that faster than a slow ground ball up the 3rd base line, with one out, and a fat guy on 1st!

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