From the website that has shoved BJ Upton’s awesomeness down our throats for three years, comes this post telling us that we were wrong for thinking BJ Upton would improve

Upton has had high expectations plaguing him his entire career. He was a top rated prospect with all the tools in the world, and it’s tough not to look at those old scouting reports, Upton’s 2007 season, and Upton’s brother and get incredibly frustrated…In many ways, BJ Upton’s 2007 season was one of the worst things that could happen to him… He’s not the 5-6 WAR monster we were expecting, but instead a 3 WAR player. Is that valuable? That sure as heck is, but it’s tough to see that sometimes when our expectations have blinded us…It’s easy to let our expectations get carried away during small stretches of games, so it’s good to give yourself a dose of realism every now and then. Before you lambaste a player for being a disappointment, check to see if it’s the player that’s failing or merely your expectations. Sometimes it’s tough to disentangle the two.

So DRays Bay is now admitting that Upton has been a disappointment. But that is apparently not Upton’s fault. Turns out, it is the fault of our own expectations.

To which we ask: Why do we have these inflated expectations? Is it unfair for us to expect something a little more from the #2 overall pick in the draft? Is it unfair to think somebody that once hit 24 home runs in a season could manage to hit more than 11 in any subsequent season? Is it unfair to ask that BJ not slack-off in crucial situations or get picked off first base 20 times each year?

Or are our expectations bloated because BJ-apologists at DRays Bay have insisted for three years that Upton’s greatness was on its way, by giving us articles like this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this and this (to cite just a few).

Don’t get us wrong. We are just as much to blame. We have long thought Bossman would rebound once he overcame his shoulders issues. That never happened. However, that doesn’t mean we should now all of the sudden be happy that BJ is a B- baseball player.

We are big fans of Steve Slowinski. And most of the Upton suck-up pieces referenced above were written by other writers. But if BJ Upton has failed to live up to expectations, don’t blame us for expecting a little more. Slowinski need look no further than the Upton sycophants that write under the same banner.



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