The Sunburst Entertainment Group is a side-business started by the Rays. According to their website, Sunburst is:

…a full service sports and entertainment consulting company that provides sales, marketing and operational business consulting to other sports and entertainment enterprises; makes direct investments in sports and entertainment related projects; and hosts a variety of events at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, FL.

To date, the only known client of Sunburst was the Florida Tuskers of the UFL. Last year, the Rays became a part-owner of the Tuskers through the Sunburst Entertainment Group. But after the Tuskers inaugural season, the Rays sold their stake in the franchise back to the league, citing the difficulty of the team trying to build a fanbase in two cities (ironic, no?).

And now Sunburst is suing the only client they have ever had.

Sunburst Entertainment Group LLC, the business subsidiary of the Rays, filed a lawsuit in Pinellas County court to receive the remaining $300,000 owed by the Florida Tuskers, according to Sunburst owned a minority stake in the United Football League team but exercised its out-clause in January, requiring the Tuskers to refund a $600,000 investment, plus the $64,000 spent to host one Tuskers game at Tropicana Field. The Tuskers had paid back $364,000.

The obvious analogy would be that Sunburst “struck out” in their first at bat. But the addition of the lawsuit makes it seem more like they struck out and then were sent back to the minors.



  1. Kyle says:


  2. Joe D says:

    Ironic that they feel the need to litigate over every last dollar....You feel that emboldened after winning every arbitration case, don't you? You can do NO WRONG??!!

    One of these days, Sternberg will feel the pain of the small guy...Maybe one day he will move to the Bay area instead of taking others words for it. Maybe he should simply shore up support and be more creative rather than litigate over risky propositions.


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