We’ll get to the Rays win in the morning as usual, but this couldn’t wait…

Several members of the Tampa Bay Rays wore stirrups today. This is not the first time, as several Rays have worn stirrups with the powder blue alts this season. But today they took it a step further.

Behold perfection, in all its striped glory!

That is Sean Rodriguez. He was just one of at least eight players and coaches that donned the stirrups.  And they may have even helped the Rays end their three-game losing streak.

Players wearing stirrups: 9-18 with a home run (and an ejection)
Players wearing pajama pants: 3-16 with 6 strikeouts

To the person that designed these beauties, we raise our glass and toast you this evening. And please, please, please make these part of the regular uniforms.

Below are images of several other Rays that dared to be athletically aesthetic, including BJ Upton, David Price, Kelly Shoppach, Evan Longoria, Dioner Navarro, Ben Zobrist and Joe Maddon. Yes, Joe Maddon.

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  1. John says:

    Stirrups FTW!

  2. Amanda says:

    Errr, I just thought of something, Cork. The Stirrups were 9-18, home run, 1 ejection, and 1 demotion. :/


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