We wondered if Reid Brignac would still get some starts at shortstop even after the return of Jason Bartlett from the DL. And it looks like that is exactly what is going to happen, at least to start

Though SS Jason Bartlett was back in the lineup Wednesday after spending nearly three weeks on the disabled list, manager Joe Maddon said he is going to ease Bartlett back into his everyday role…Not pushing Bartlett could help the Rays with what Maddon considers a good problem: INFs Sean Rodriguez and Reid Brignac are playing so well, Maddon said, “I’ve got to keep them active somehow.”

The Rays have perfected the art of demoting players without actually demoting them. Players don’t get sent to the minors. They go on the DL and extended rehab stints. Players don’t lose their starting jobs. Joe Maddon just wants to keep other players fresh.

“Easing back into an everyday role,” sounds suspiciously like Briggy Baseball is still going to start against a lot of righties until he cools off or Bartlett heats up.



  1. Does this mean they trade him? Or are they going to keep him around for the Super Platoon....

    • Cork Gaines says:

      Unless Jennings or Joyce is going to come up and play most-days, moving Zobrist bak to infield, I think they wait to trade Bartlett until after the season.

  2. M Lee says:

    It seems Brignac has earned some playing time as well as he has been playing. Cajun Ball has arrived. Let Reid play.


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