Following last night’s game, the Rays activated Jason Bartlett from the DL and announced he would start tonight’s game in Atlanta. To make room, Justin Ruggiano was sent back to Durham.

This means the Rays will keep three catchers (John Jaso, Dioner Navarro, Kelly Shoppach) for the time being.

It is no surprise that Bartlett will get the start tonight with Sean Rodriguez or Reid Brignac possibly needing a day off. But we would be surprised if Bartlett is once again the everyday shortstop.



  1. Sublime says:

    I think if anyone is going to be the first to the door, it's Bartlett. Brignac and S-Rod are the Rays future infielders, for cheap at that.

  2. Deadeye says:

    Grit. You can't measure grit and that is what Bartlett has over the other 2. Of course grit can't hit righties.

  3. Joe D. says:

    Also interesting now is that Ruggiano can't be called up for 10 days I think it is, normally not a big deal, but should the Rays need an OF (hopefully we won't), but it could mean the beginning of the Desmond Jennings era, given his recent hot streak, or a Matt Joyce call-up.

  4. Mike says:

    What is the story with Kapler? Is he coming back, and if so will that be the end of Navi? If he isn't coming back, why haven't we brought up Joyce?

  5. Pete says:

    Is there some kind of low level - or multi player trade in the works that involves Navarro? Otherwise, why would he still be up? I'd think Dan Johnson, or Joyce, or someone with some pop.

    Regarding Bartlett, I love the way Brignac and S-rod are playing. But I do think JB has a positive impact on the lineup. It's a great problem to have with so many solid players to choose from in OF and IF. Especially if you think of guys like Leslie Anderson coming up.

    I'd love to see a trade that sent Blalock, Navarro, Sonny, and Kapler away and brought back a prospect, and freed up some space.

  6. John G says:

    One can still get a lot for Jason Bartlett. All-Star last year in a premium position and pretty affordable.
    We should be able to bring in a pretty good catch.

    What you do think the Rays want in a trade? Meaning what position or level of minor league player? Maybe AA is a little shallow. Some very good Double AA position prospects? A very good left handed relief pitcher? Cash?

    • Cork Gaines says:

      I don't think you trade Bartlett until after the season. Maddon loves having 3 guys that are interchangeable in the middle infield. And yes, Zobrist can play 2B, but he is at best the 3rd best defender in that group and as of now, Maddon still needs him to play RF.

      Now if Jennings and/or Joyce are called up and prove to be capable big leaguers right away, then yes, trade Bartlett and move Zobrist back to 2B at least part-time.

      As for what the Rays would want? They tend to target double-A prospects. Those guys have already shown a little, but still have some growth in them. But as far as position goes, I don't think the Rays care. They'll take the best offer.

  7. Michael says:

    I have an idea. I don't know why people haven't thought of it. Why don't we just cut Kapler. So here is what we look like now:

    1b. Pena
    2b. S-rod, Brignac
    ss. Bartlett, Brignac
    3b. Longoria
    LF. Crawford
    CF. Upton
    RF. Zobrist
    C. Shoppach, Navi, Jaso
    D.H. Jaso, Aybar

    So basically the Rays have plenty of talent. Brignac will backup alot of positions, and Jaos hits everday, either as the DH or the catcher. Then we have S-rod get as many AB's as possible. It all works out.

  8. Kevin says:

    Don't toss JB aside just yet. 2 weeks ago I was ready to send S-rod back to the minors...acouple good weeks and now I see that many feel he should play everyday. He might be a guy with brutal streakiness if this year is any indication and if so I'd like to be able to put him on the bench when he is bad and play JB at SS and Reid at 2B.

    Also, I think I saw the end of BJ's good month last night. Anybody else feel that way...those last few ABs were typical lost at the plate BJ. Hope I'm wrong but watchout.

  9. Mark says:

    I agree with you Kevin. I think it's a little premature to be already calling for JB to be tossed to the bench or worse, traded. I understand the financial considerations and the fact that Brignac and S-Rod have been hot lately but remember it was only a few weeks ago that S-Rod was triple-A bound. JB's a great team guy and still has a lot to offer this team. Let's let this play out a little longer before we jump to any conclusions.

    In my opinion, I think Joe will give Bartlett the majority of the starts at SS in the foreseeable future.

    As for BJ, I agree he looked a little lost in his last few ABs but he did smoke a ball in his first AB. That will happen in the majors to anyone. Here's hoping BJ continues to hit like he has been!!

  10. Connie says:

    Totally off topic but I just saw Iwamura was DFA'd. Poor guy.


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