Sporting News magazine has a regular feature called “5 Questions” in which they ask an athlete (you guessed it) 5 questions submitted from fans. In an upcoming issue, Matt Garza will answer participate in the feature.

From Ryan Fagan:

If we pick their question/answer for the magazine, they’ll get their name and hometown printed along with their question. They can ask questions about anything they want, on or off the field. The more nuanced, the better.

So if you ever wanted to ask Garza about that thing on his chin,  his infatuation with Joe Nelson’s bodyparts or even something baseball related, here’s your chance.

Just send your questions along with your name and hometown to

The challenge has been set. If we don’t see at least two questions from RI readers you will have let us down.



  1. Paul says:

    I'd just like to ask Matt what I'd like to ask every player on the Rays right now - just how good does this feel right now, to be playing on a team that is making it's own piece of history? How does it feel to play on a team with so much togetherness?

    I want to hear that they are enjoying this as much as us, even tho I know they are...

  2. John says:

    I sent three questions. If they don't get picked, maybe Matty would come by here and answer them?

    1. What hell is with that troll thing on your chin? Is it because you have something against billy goats? And does living under a bridge bother your wife?

    2. We've noticed less spitting this season from you. Is this a conscious effort?

    3. On the other hand, we've noticed more spitting from other members of the rotation, particularly David Price. Is David stealing your sunflower seeds?

  3. Steve says:

    How in the world do you manage to produce as much saliva as you do for a 9 inning game?


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