Below you will see three polls that ask about your confidence in the Tampa Bay Rays. We will present these same polls most Tuesdays. The results will be presented in graphical form on Thursday, and will be displayed permanently in the sidebar. The goal of the Confidence Graph is to get a feeling of how Rays fans feel about the team and the franchise and track how that level of confidence changes through time.



  1. Mike says:

    I love Joe and voted 10, but he should have gotten out of the dugout quicker last night and stepped in before CC got tossed.

    • Indiana Rays Boy says:

      This teams future is a 9 or 10 and the confidence of Maddon a 6 or 7. Maddon has a fascination of playing mediocre players like Rodriguez, Navarro, Kapler and Upton. The Zobrist hitting 3rd experiment is not working what so ever. He ruined Zobrist production and Longoria is not your typical cleanup hitter.

  2. Brixology says:

    The “this year” poll is missing, methinks…

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