The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

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THE GOOD: Run Prevention. Much has been made about the Red Sox newfound emphasis on defense and run prevention. It was not on display last night. Jeremy Hermida misplayed a flyball in left and earlier, Adrian Beltre lost a groundball in the lights that scored Carl Crawford from second…Running Wild. Even with Victor Martinez getting his first day off, the Rays stole 4 bases off of Jason Varitek…Randy Choate. Had to love Joe Maddon’s move to bring Choate in for just one left-handed batter. Not saying he should never face another righty, but Choate needed a positive outing on the mound and he got it by getting JD Drew to ground out to lead off the 8th.

THE BAD: Wade Davis. It is hard to complain about Big Dub allowing just 2 hits and a run, but Davis was lucky. Of his 104 pitches, 58 were strikes and 46 were out of the strikezone. He walked 4 and had to be pulled after 5 innings.

THE TELLING: The game was suspended in the middle of the 9th inning. It will be resumed tonight at 7:00, prior to the originally scheduled game…This was the first suspended regular season game in Rays history…Weather may actually be worse tonight…The Red Sox were essentially playing with just 1 bench player with both Dustin Pedroia Jacoby Ellsbury and Mike Cameron unavailable…The only difference right now between David Ortiz and Pat Burrell is that Rays fans don’t expect anything from Burrell.

WHERE THEY STAND: The Rays are 6-3, one-half game behind the Yankees and tied with the Blue Jays. After 9 games in 2008 the Rays were 4-5.


  • MLB has told Joe Maddon that he is no longer allowed to wear his cold weather hoodie (as seen above). [The Heater]
  • Mitch Talbot picked up his first career win with the Indians. And it was a complete game…This is why minor league options and the Rule 5 draft exist. If Talbot was still in the Rays organization he would be in the minors without much hope for being promoted this season. Also, Talbot’s success, along with that of Edwin Jackson and Jason Hammel will help the Rays in the long run as it will increase the value of Rays pitching prospects in the eyes of other teams. [Dayton Daily News]
  • Catcher Jose Lobaton has been promoted to triple-A. [Biscuit Crumbs]
  • Tom Verducci writes that the pressure is on Pat Burrell to start producing. []


  • Check out “The Rundown” from Rays Prospects for boxscores and more detailed recaps. [Rays Prospects]
  • DURHAM: The Bulls scored 14 runs and had 20 hits…Dan Johnson hit his 4th home run, a 3-run shot…Joe Dillon and Ryan Shealy each hit their first home runs of the year…Fernando Perez went 2-6 with 2 RBI and his 3rd stolen base…Hank Blalock went 3-5 and has 5 hits in the last 2 games.
  • MONTGOMERY: Jake McGee started and gave up 5 runs in 4.1 innings on 4 hits and 4 walks. He struck out 3…Matt Fields was 2-4.
  • CHARLOTTE: Joe Cruz struck out 6 and walked 2 in 6 innings. He gave up 1 run…Tim Beckham went 0-4 and committed his first error…Matt Sweeney was 1-4 with 3 Ks.
  • BOWLING GREEN: Wilking Rodriguez struck out 9 and walked 2 in 6 innings. He allowed 1 run…Mark Thomas was 3-6 with 2 RBI and is 10-24 (.417) to start the year.




  1. Kevin says:

    I think you meant Jacoby Ellsbury and Mike Cameron, not Dustin Pedroia and Mike Cameron

  2. Amanda says:

    If those two players (or whichever two ... I was visiting with family last night and couldn't watch) were unavailable last night for the Sox, would they still be unavailable for the completion of the game, even if they're available for the game that (weather permitting) will be played afterwards?

    • they can play in the completion tonight if healthy enough. so yeah, they could pinch-hit in the 9th if they so choose. I have seen instances in which a game was completed months later and players played in the game that weren't even on the roster when the game started.

  3. Justin says:

    So, what is up with MLB calling the game in the middle of the 9th, when it had been pouring for a while before? It just looks like they did it for the benefit of the Sux.

    Call it at the start of the 9th, or not at all.

  4. Justin says:

    Oh, and MLB can go f themselves, instead of telling Maddon what he can and can't wear. I'm pretty sure, in any other job if you were told you couldn't wear a hooded sweatshirt to protect against the cold, there would be some liability issues.

  5. Tone says:

    The way they called that game in the middle of the inning after making the Rays hit in that mess is great. I love how desperate they seem to be. It really shows tons of class to blatantly rig a game in your favor. Hope the Rays can return the favor and win anyway, and beat them up the rest of the series too.

  6. Don says:

    R. Choke "positive" return...gets one (1) batter to ground out...
    Great..I still have a chance to pitch in the majors...I know I can get one guy to ground out..what I was worried about was I might have to face more than I've still got a chance...Hey Joe?
    Think MLB is smart..start a make up game in extra innings at 7:00pm..
    what if it goes 2-3 more innings plus 25-30 minutes between games...
    Lets see...2nd game starts 9:00pm +/- gets over 1am + esp. with Red get home at 2am from a baseball game...sounds good!

  7. Chris says:

    Just wondering if I'm the only one who thinks the Lobaton move to Durham might mean that Jaso's staying with the Rays, which might mean Shoppach's troubles are worse than reported?

    Of course, I've been wrong before ...

  8. Beth says:

    If the MLB wants Maddon to lose the hoodie, they need to ensure that all April games are played in warm weather.

    And by the way, for all the fuss made about the ball hitting the catwalk against the Yankees last Sunday....why is occasional interference by a catwalk unacceptable, but playing a game in pounding rain is OK? Just saying that there are inconveniences wherever you play.

  9. Charles says:

    Just FYI, the forecast here is for rain & wet snow during game time. If the completion game goes into extra innings at all, there's a pretty good chance the regularly scheduled game isn't going to happen anyway,

    The guy who's giving me the ticket for the game tonight is debating whether or not he wants to even make the effort to drive in for the game, and I can't say I blame him.

  10. Don says:

    I hope those (RS Fans) get soaked and freeze their ass off...
    Gee.... that Tropicana stadium is terrible.........morons...

  11. RaysNbucs says:

    hmmm...second career start against Boston, 25 degree weather, rain, friday night at fenway vs. beckett, ONLY 2 HITS and 1ER and you have BigDub as "the bad"?? yea i get it-four walks but did you watch the game or just read the line...he wasnt giving into hitters which is why he walked the 4, it wasnt for lack of control, that kid is gonna be the stud down the line

    • Yep, I watched the game.

    • Geez guys. I never said he sucked. But I don't care if you aren't giving in to batters, you gotta be able to throw more than half of your pitches for strikes. And with this bullpen, you gotta give your teammates more than 5 innings. He was lucky.

      • erik B. says:

        and unlucky in the fact that he is the only kid in the rotation that didnt get to face the birds for a little pick me up. hes gotten cc and beckett so far and handled it pretty damn well. how bout some props is all im sayin. i think garz is doin great, but take into account he threw to the terrible orioles twice. i mean....come on. big dub did that too dont forget, i belive it was a CG shutout against them no? April fellas...april


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