A lot of people bash The Trop. Most of those people have never been to a Rays game. So it was nice to see a website dedicated to rating sporting venues say what most Rays fans already know (read Stadium Journey’s entire review here).

At first glance, an enclosed baseball field in the middle of the Sunshine State would seem to be an improper way to honor the national pastime. However, the stadium experience is much more than the playing surface and the difference between ceiling and sky. It’s the appreciation for history and the surrounding neighborhood that makes Tropicana Field not only special, but a must see…

You’ll be surprised how much you’ll like Tropicana Field. What seems like an inadequate and ugly facility, is really an inspiring treasure for baseball fans. I look forward to my next trip to Florida and its abundance of sunshine, but mostly, I’ll be excited to get indoors, to catch a Rays game.

The Trop has its problems and the Rays do need a new stadium. But for those of us that have been to a Rays game in the last 2-3 years, it is nice to read that somebody actually visited The Trop before passing judgment.



  1. cg says:

    i hate how the outfield looks like it is made out of velour

    • Gus says:

      You are right. They need new turf/lighting so it isn’t so shiny and a new ground rule for the catwalk that is in play — anytime it gets it, it is a dead ball. A do-over.

      With those two tweaks, and a third one for a more favorable lease once the City’s bonds pay off in 2016, I’ve solved the Rays stadium “problems” for the next 8 years. By then, the stadium will be (hard to believe) 28 years old, paid off and it will be time to build a new stadium at whatever location makes sense then.

  2. 'Duk says:

    I didn’t hate The Trop either when I was there for the 2008 ALCS and World Series. All ballparks are beautiful in their own way and it’s worlds better than the dump in Oakland and definitely better than the Metrodome.

    My two biggest problems: The concourses were terribly small and gave me claustrophobia and it also kind of smelled weird.

    Other than that, though, I could live with it.

  3. Joe D. says:

    I’m a fan of the trop, I hadn’t really spent the time to really discover all the trop had to offer until ’07… But when I did, I took a bunch of pictures, I have them on my myspace page, I encourage anyone who’s never tried to find ask that the trop had to offer to check them out, I also have game pics, and ’08 pics up in other albums… Please feel free to browse around


  4. Don says:

    Sitting outside in the cold, rain, snow or hot blazing sun is way over rated…give me my Trop in mid-July and a 24oz Bud and those idiots
    “up North” can kiss my ass….I’m happy!

  5. Mark01 says:

    “and the Rays do need a new stadium”

    This is the key. I am fine with the Trop. It is definitely a lot better than the rep it gets, but we do need a new stadium. There is no way anyone can deny that.

  6. Bobby Fenton says:

    I have been to the Trop for over 100 games all-time, and it is an awful, awful place for baseball. One trip to almost any other stadium in baseball makes you realize it instantly.

    We and the A’s are the only teams left that need to make a change ASAP.

    • Don says:

      “AWFUL” could you please define as pertaining to the Trop….. because I think I’m missing something…
      Please help with your definition….

      • Bobby Fenton says:

        I don’t understand, are you simply? asking me why I think the Trop is awful?

        - Indoor, mausoleum type feeling
        - Artificial turf looks awful
        - Indoor lighting just isn’t the same as being under the lights outside
        - Already shitty music and promotions blaring through the sound system are amplified by like 100 and echo throughout the building
        - Ugly colored seats
        - Catwalks
        - The Ray team (not the fault of the actual Trop itself, but yet another detriment to the overall lame game presentation there)
        - No view of a skyline, water, or anything whatsoever
        - Incredibly easy to sit there and forget there is an actual baseball game going on too many nights
        -Cowbells (again, not the Trop’s fault itself, but being indoors makes them even worse)

        It’s just a crappy game experience compared to going to a game at a place like Safeco, for example. I won’t even try to compare it to Wrigley or something like that because it’s apples and oranges.

        • Sublime says:

          For twice in a year, I have to agree with Don. Sitting outside in JULY, in FLORIDA, is no picnic, especially after an Afternoon Shower and the Humidity goes up to 1000% with 93 degrees on your back. I like 72 degrees. Ugly colored seats, dude they’re blue, what are you looking for, Mauve? View of the Skyline??? Baltimore doesn’t have a view either, unless you count that Toy Parts Building in Right Field. I hear ya, but I’m not a baseball purist that feels, “Baseball should be played outdoors” No one deals with our weather (other than the Marlins)

          • Mark01 says:

            Dude, Places like Safeco have a roof and are climate controlled.

            Is the only argument against a new stadium that it’s too hot in July?

            Well it’s too cold up north in April and October and it’s pretty damn hot in Texas, and Atlanta, and even farther North during the summer it still gets extremely hot. Yet all thrive with open air stadiums.

            Plus I am 100% sure that any stadium that will be built will have something that mitigates the heat and stops the rain. Where is this completely open air stadium that you are arguing against?

        • Sarah says:

          The Ray team? You are saying that the Trop is awful because of “The Ray team?” I assume you mean the “Rays team” — but if you don’t enjoy watching the Rays play, why should we care whether you like Tropicana Field?

          • Bobby Fenton says:


            I assume your reading comprehension skills can’t possibly be that poor that the only thing you drew from my comment was that I don’t like the Ray Team.

          • Bobby Fenton says:

            Oh and, the “Ray Team” and the actual Rays baseball team aren’t the same thing. The “Ray Team” is a group of high school kids hired by the te…screw it, nevermind.

          • Sarah says:

            To Bobby Fenton — I can assure you my reading comprehension skills are fine, but I will freely confess that I had no idea that the kids dancing on the dugouts were called the “Ray team.” and if you think they are lame, then we have at least one point of agreement! I really thought you were saying that you hated the baseball team, which I thought made the rest of your critique a little beside the point. yeah, lose the stupid dancers. Or at least hire kids with strong enough arms so when they toss those t-shirts, a few land in the higher decks!

        • Bobby Fenton says:

          I understand, Sarah, and I’m sorry I was snippy there. Back to your original point, though – I have many problems with the Trop, The Ray Team not withstanding.

          None of this matters anyway. The people that matter have already determined there is going to be a new stadium. The only arguments left are how, where, and when?

        • Matt C says:

          So you think sitting in 30-degree weather last night in chicago would have been a better “experience” than watching a game at the trop? No thanks.

          • Mark01 says:

            and the other 80 home games?

            So their experience is better 90% of the time.

            Ya, I want the stadium that would be more convienent a handful a times a year as opposed to the one that’s better most of the time.

            Plus it’s either watch the team play in a beautiful new stadium or watch them play in another city. So all arguments for the Trop are really pointless. They will move if we don’t build a new stadium

          • Bobby Fenton says:

            Dude, you are aware that any new place would be retractable roof and climate controlled, right? Stop making the weather argument. It’s not even an issue.

  7. Justin says:

    The Trop is awesome. Hands down, it beats the hell out of the tiny seats in Fenway with the worst views in baseball, or the overpriced, industrial New Yankee Stadium

    There is something grand about entering through the promenade, and coming out into the gigantic, bright dome.

    We do not need a new stadium. We need people to stop repeating that mantra, because it’s SUBVERSIVE, and UNSUBSTANTIATED. Sorry, Prof, but it’s BS. Repeat this instead: WE DO NOT NEED A NEW STADIUM. It might be nice to be in a better location, don’t let MLB brainwash us (or tell Maddon to take off his hoodie). The truth is other teams can’t handle the Trop.

    What is the Trop? Maddon called it the PIT. Sly Maddon is saying that the Trop is HELL for other teams. Remember in 2008 when they couldn’t handle playing there? Yeah, I do. That’s the Trop, baby: Garza with his earplugs in Game 7 out dueling Lester for the second time in a week. Greinke getting smacked around and crying all the way home to KC (in 09). Cowbells and insanity, and the AL Champion Rays, born in a dome that scares the hell out of opposing teams.

    We do not need a new stadium. Other teams are flat out scared of the Trop.

    They should be.

    • Mark01 says:

      You Crazy fool

    • Don says:

      Old postings but I’m bored waiting for tonights game…But Justin
      probably the most intelligent post… actually expressing what is GOOD about the Trop….
      You see morons like Mark 01 or 02 or really “O” really don’t understand about HOME town advantage in a stadium…they are concerned about what “they” like….so let them live in “their” world… while missing the “real” world!

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