Recently we linked to Evan Longoria’s new action commercial for New Era that is now airing nationally during baseball games. Everybody loves the commercial. Everybody that is, except for some people in St. Pete. Maybe.

Justin George was so worried about it he wrote 700 words on the subject for the St. Pete Times

He sprints through a courtyard. In Tampa…He jumps on a streetcar. In Tampa…He hops on a water scooter. In Tampa.

Yes, they are the Tampa Bay Rays, a team with a name that bridges communities. But the Pinellas side bristles when broadcasters mistake Tampa for the home of Tropicana Field…So does St. Petersburg — on guard against suggestions of relocating the team — feel a little jilted by the backdrop in Longoria’s commercial for New Era baseball caps?

To get to the bottom of this, George asked one (1!) person, a spokesperson for the St. Pete/Clearwater Visitor’s Bureau.

“I thought it was great,” spokesman David Downing said.

That settles it, right?




You see, the Tampa Visitor’s Bureau Tweeted about it! So George asked somebody about the back-stabbing, surprise Tweet-attack from the east side of the bay…

“It’s great exposure for downtown,” Tampa Downtown Partnership spokesman Paul Ayres said. “Shows many of downtown’s best assets.”

DAMN YOU TWITTER! Always trying to stir the pot with your 140-character limit and endless power to move baseball teams.

And why was the commercial filmed in Tampa?

He owns a condominium in the Towers of Channelside, and the spot begins with Longoria lounging across the street in Channelside Bay Plaza’s courtyard…Filming locations are often driven by the “talent,” Tampa Bay Film Commission manager Lindsey Guthrie said, and that was the case for Longoria, who wanted to stick close to home.

Wait…Dirtbag lives in Tampa!?! Ahhhhh$@#$%#$R345#$%$%!!11! Amok, Amok, Amok.



  1. I could definitely see the Channelside and the usage of the Tampa Trolley, and especially like the homage to Ferris Bueller where Longoria stopped what he was doing to introduce himself to the blonde on the street car. The scooter ride down the street in Ybor City also was great. Sure I would have loved to see him jump from maybe the St. Petersburg Pier or the Demens Landing boat ramps onto the jetski, or maybe get on the helicopter at Albert Whitted Airport or possibly having the last scene use the golden glow of the Skyway Bridge in the background maybe jumping into the Tampa Bay channel near Fort DeSoto Park.
    But at least he did not wander through Derek Jeter's new casa or George Steinbrenner Field.
    At least all but a possible 2 or 3 seconds of the commercial showed all Tampa Bay regional locations. I hate that St. Pete did not get more of a spotlight, but the region as a whole did get a National glimpse and hopefully Fox Sports will remember we are in St. Petersburg this Saturday....maybe

    • Justin says:

      I just watched the commercial, and I can't see where St. Pete lovers are coming from. I mean, it's not like you can even tell where the commercial was filmed unless you live in the area. The shots are quick, and in my opinion, don't even show off Tampa that well.

    • Michael says:

      Yeah, give me a break. I loved the comment from someone at the St Pete Times site where somebody from St Pete said 'They really should have filmed it here in St. Pete. He could have walked through Bay Walk and before long someone would have stolen his hat for real'.

  2. Trying out the new gravatar on Longo's commercial spot. I really don't care where it was shot, Longo kicks a$$!

  3. Ron says:

    Maybe Tampa should name one of its sports complexes after St. Pete..............

    Better yet, why not just add Prozac to their water supply instead of fluoride.

    • The funny thing is....A St. Petersburg business did sneak into Tampa and steal a sports arena's name...."St. Petersburg Times " Forum where the Tampa Bay Lightning play in Tampa(Channelside). Still chuckle on that rogue move by the St. Pete fish wrap.

  4. Gus says:

    The only comment any local should have about the commercial (other than noting that the Rays seem to be seeping into the national conciousness) is that in the final scene, the stunt guy jumping from the helicopter appears to have mountain/topography in the background that isn't Florida. Unless that is some phosphate mound in the Port of Tampa?

    Good for Longo. Good for the Rays.

    After so many seasons in obscurity, the Rays are established as a real team, with real stars. Two home national TV appearances this weekend.

  5. Brian H says:

    i am from st pete and a season ticketholder. and it bugs the hell out of me when st pete people get annoyed with the tampa thing. if st pete residents and pinellas residents were carrying sold out crowds than ok, but until than it is a tampa bay area team and obviousily wil lalways have to be. and i am still pissed off with st pete residents for shooting down the stadium in downtown, i live close by and i couldnt of wished for any better. of a proposal

    • Mark01 says:

      Brian, I'm a St. Pete resident too and I feel the exact same way.

      There are too many people that will complain about anything here. Just check the comments section of sometime. It will make you lose hope in humanity


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