On this date four years ago, a biology professor that was hiding from his students during office hours on opening day of the baseball season, started a blog. That Professor had little idea what he was doing as is clearly evident in his first-ever post, a post that included a Jonny Gomes home run.

But he started to find his stride later that day when he wrote about a journalist that predicted the Devil Rays to win the World Series…in 2006! That post got a lot of play on the interwebs, and there was no looking back from what was originally intended to be a practice run for a Bucs blog.

So, Happy Birthday to us!



  1. Charles says:

    Thanks for providing great discussion & distraction over the years! I only jumped on board in 2008, but the quality kept me coming back.

  2. Happy Birthday to my favorite Rays blog. I think I found you in late 2006 and have enjoyed every post since. Congrats.

  3. Don says:

    You look around at the media types in the Tampabay market there is very little to offer in baseball knowledge...morning radio has no one but a football guy ....afternoon not much better....newspaper writers ok.... but really not on top of things... plus kinda soft shoe thru any criticial comment....Maybe one of the reasons (media) Baseball is not bigger in the market...Who (media) really knows anything...Rich Herrarrra...
    What a Joke!

  4. Andy Kline says:

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Anniversary Professor.
    Got to give you props becuase if it wasn't for you, I would never have even attempted to write a fan-based blog.
    Your humor and statistics showed me that baseball doesn't have to be boring, but can be a fun ride for everyone, even Dirtbag.
    Seriously, I wish you tons of more success, and thank you for all the comments and mentions over the past two years.
    You are the man!

  6. Happy blogging b-day. And I'm sure you're glad every day that you didn't end up with that Bucs blog or else you'd be stuck writing about that mess.


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