We have been projecting for many months, and now we finally now the Rays opening day roster…



  1. Don says:

    I would hate to be an opposing team and look at (face) that 25!
    Rays (mgt.) did a good at picking best 25....everyone now batting .1000 and every pitcher is undefeated...Hurry up Tue. or I might start warming up right now (with Bud light)..oh... well College basketball till then!

  2. Rumpy says:

    Am I the only one that is still sketchy about our bullpen? Sure we have ONE closer now but I still am nervous about the bullpen as a whole.

  3. Brian says:

    What happens when Joyce is ready, who goes???

  4. Ben says:

    There is no guarantee that Joyce is going to get a spot on the team. He has already essentially knocked out Gross from last season to get a spot on the roster. But with Rodriguez playing so well, and Zobrist emerging a star performer RF has become cluttered with players.


    Are all candidates for RF time. If Rodriguez does pan out, it can definitely help remedy the Crawford situation as when he leaves, we will have Zobrist and Joyce ready for the outfield. If not, Zobrist (worst case Aybar) slides to 2B and Kapler sees more playing time.


    As for the bullpen.

    Looking at it, I can't feel comfortable because we don't have a pure 8th inning guy. A lot of teams are looking for that "second closer" to further shorten the games to 7 innings. We don't have one nearly reliable enough.


    Joyce knocks out (I wish Burrell) but most likely Aybar since we know Maddon loves Kapler. Aybar can play a lot of the infield but so can Zobrist/Rodriguez.

    Howell knocks out Ekstrom. Sonnanstine may go depending on performance, but hopefully we can keep him on the team as a 6th starter (either AAA or bullpen). I just know at least one of the pitchers will be out for a long time.

  5. td says:

    Shoppach should be playing anytime lefties are on the mound.

  6. Jason W says:

    Why is Choate supposed to face more Righties next year? That can only doom our team, there is a reason he is called a LOOGY.

  7. Alex says:

    Ekstrom has a 5+ era by the time he gets cut. Calling it now

  8. Indiana Rays Boy says:

    This Maddon is incredible; it is not even funny. Now, Longoria is hitting cleanup!!! Longoria has never hit cleanup and his production is known for hitting the third spot behind Bartlett and Crawford. 2008, he had Upton hitting 3rd (result in failure). Last year, Upton failing to produce in the leadoff spot and having Bartlett hitting with a .300 BA in the 9th slot (took the genius til August to figure out that Upton can't hit leadoff). This year, flip flop Longoria at his natural spot in the batting order. Addition, messing up double play combo with Bartlett; platooning players never works.

    • Don says:

      "Longo has never hit cleanup"...Well gee... he's only been in the league 2 years..as a young rookie..maybe he has grown into the role??
      The BEST move Maddon has ever made as a Rays manager is moving Zobrist to 3rd spot, Longo behind him to hit in many runs...
      Now if Maddon splits Pena and Burrell with say Rod/Brign., I'll hop on the Maddon bandwagon...till he screws up again!
      Don't worry about Zo/Brign./Rodz at 2nd... Bartlett will be just fine!

      • Indiana Rays Boy says:

        I like Longoria where he is at right now. I am not too crazy about this move what so ever. Maddon has screwed up in the past; I don't want to see another one. I know that Longo has been in the league for 2 years. If it is not broke, don't fix it. I am not on the Maddon bandwagon til he wins a ring. In 2008, Bartlett and Iwamura were a great SS/2B combo. In order to have a championship team, one of them is having a everyday SS/2B; that is the pitcher's best friend. Platooning SS or 2B pending on matchups never works; look at Yankees and Red Sox. (Red Sox: Scutaro/Pedroia & Yankees: Jeter and Cano).


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