Will Carroll has released his “Team Health Report” for the Tampa Bay Rays on Baseball Prospectus. Here are a few of the key points…

  • Injuries cost the Rays over $12 million in 2009. That was more than 2007 and 2008 combined.
  • Carroll calls David Price “The Big Risk,” wondering if he can make a “great leap forward” in innings this season. For some reason Carroll only considers the 130 innings (128.1 actually) that Price threw at the big league level when wondering if he should be limited to 150 this season. However, Price threw 162.2 combined between the Rays and triple-A and the Rays have already said there will be no innings limit this year.
  • Carroll says there is no reason to think Rafael Soriano will regress health-wise this season.
  • BJ Upton is the only player with a red flag warning for injuries heading into the 2010 season.

Carroll gives six different players a “yellow” label for injury risk, including JP Howell, and wonders if the Rays made the Soriano deal knowing Howell was not 100%.



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