This is long overdue, but we have updated our Tampa Bay Rays nickname database in the sidebar. Is there anybody we are missing? Any nicknames you would like to nominate?

Tampa Bay Rays Nicknames



  1. Joe D. says:

    You might have to start a whole new page just for Maddon's nicknames for guys, like Longo, I think he calls Bartlett, Bartty, Wheeler - Wheels, of course Sonny... That's all, I can think of off the top right now...

  2. Joe D. says:

    Oh yeah, I think Maddon calls Bartlett JB sometimes too

  3. Beth says:

    Maddon also calls James Shields "Shieldsy" which to me just sounds awkward.

  4. leningan says:

    I like "diddy" or "puffy" for sean john rodriguez... hate srod, we can do better.

    • TheRevTy says:

      I agree that S-Rod is terrible. Rodzilla is much better, given the similarity to Zorilla.

      Joyce needs a nickname as soon as he makes the team, as does Shoppach.

  5. Buddhaboy says:

    Garza Complex -- An old archilogical site in Aztecian Myth......Plus, the dude is over complex on the mound., I think i have heard this before though. Cant remember for sure.

  6. I know he probably won't be on the roster, but I still like Joe Dillionaire. From out of nowhere, he went from minor-league nobody to taking up a spot on the 25 man roster.

    • John says:

      I've been calling him Cowboy Joe Dillon since we got him...for no particular reason, it just sounds right.

      Navi will always be The Fat Catcher to me.

  7. Indiana Rays Boy says:

    Stop with the stupid nicknames; it is so little league. It is not funny and it is not fun. All I want to see is my team win baseball games and surpass the Yankees and Red Sox. Enough with the gimmicks that Maddon creates.

  8. Dirtbag Fan says:

    Gonna keep on lobbying for Mr Perez-ident until it catches... way better than "nando"

  9. Great how nicknames can sometimes define a player beyond belief.
    People sometimes forget how much in 2007 Carlos Pena was called "El Presidente" by the Radio crews. I always thought that name would stick. It does for me with Pena.
    Heard someone call Sean Rodriguez "Sean John" ( his first and middle name) before the Rays played the Yankees in Tampa.
    Saw a great Rays blue T-shirt at the Rays versus Phillies and game and forgot to get a photo of the group.
    But they had Fernando Perez's picture and the phrase "Godfather of Speed" imprinted on the it.

    • Forgot my new personal favorite.....Wade Davis's "WD-40" nickname after he changed his number to 40 for 2010. I can see a endorsement deal brewing here (lol).

  10. TheRevTy says:

    Wait wait wait, Sean Rodriguez's middle name is John?

    Well crap, I guess he should be could Puffy or Diddy or something like that.

    • Don says:

      Rod is not black there Puff Daddy... His buffer is Alex Jr. already recognized by those in the know...
      Sorreno you you might have something like "chocolate thunder"
      Also..."Softball Sonnanstine"...fits like a glove!

  11. sweez says:

    Grant "Hide the Children" Balfour. cuz it's gonna get ugly.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Niemann is referred to sometimes as "The Big Nyquil" on DRB because he is big and his performances can lull you to sleep.

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