Marc Topkin bring up an interesting question that on the surface would seem like a resounding “no.” Would the Rays trade Carl Crawford to the Red Sox or Yankees during the season?

Would they trade him to the rival Yankees or Red Sox? (The guess here is yes, if they had they best offer.)

The idea seems crazy. Like Tracy Morgan crazy. But he might be right.

The Rays never concern themselves with what other teams do. They are only ever concerned with how to make their own team better. And the Rays only make moves that maximize value. It is the same way they approach the draft: Take the best player available, regardless of what position he plays.

So while the Rays wouldn’t want to help the Yankees and Red Sox, if they presented an offer that gives the Rays the best hope for success down the road, they might just say yes. The bigger question might be: Would the Yankees or Red Sox want to add to the Rays already impressive farm system and young talent?  That might be the factor that keeps the Red Sox or Yankees from making a substantial offer.


  • Tampa Bay Rays Fan has the new MLB2K10 commercial featuring Evan Longoria…Notice that Longo is batting in a game with 1 out away from a perfect game. That of course would be the 9-spot in the lineup. So can we assume that Dirtbag is pinch-hitting? [Tampa Bay Rays Fan]
  • More evidence that the Rays are leaning towards Ben Zobrist as the most-days second baseman: To start, Zobrist will play second when Jason Bartlett is at shortstop, while Reid Brignac and Sean Rodriguez will be on the field together and alternate between second base and shortstop. [St. Pete Times]
  • Marc Topkin has more on the battle at second base and right field. [St. Pete Times]
  • While throwing BP, James Shields traded in his signature Abe Lincoln scruff for something different. [The Heater]
  • In hopes of getting the team off to a better start in April, Joe Maddon will give his regulars more ABs in the spring. [Rays Report]
  • JP Howell will see a reduced workload this spring in an effort to get 80 appearances during the regular season. [Rays Report]
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  • James Shields unorthodox delivery with runners on base is his way of keeping runners close to the bag. [Tampa Tribune]
  • Roger Mooney writes about Joe Dillon’s move behind the plate in an effort to make himself more valuable. [Tampa Tribune]
  • Roger Mooney has 5 questions for Sean Rodriguez. [Tampa Tribune]




  1. Don says:

    Now the TRUTH is slowly coming out for the Rays slow start in 2009!
    One word: MADDON....everbodys "Manager of the year"...
    No one.... pitchers or hitters had enough work last year in spring training (and nows he admits it) plus his stupid changes in the batting order moving Aki down and Upton to lead off.....and He admits that Upton was not right (100% healthy)!
    Now Maddon ADMITS that he didn't work on fundamentals during the season last year....Now in 2010 he is!
    If we can get the MANAGER/coaches right where THEY should be, let the players do their thing without a handicap!

  2. What a crap article (Price on Yahoo sports)
    " Garza has electric stuff but has yet to prove he’s better than a .500 pitcher... "

  3. Kevin says:

    Cork, in regards to the Longo ad: Maybe Maddon screwed up the lineup again and had Sonnanstine DHing and hitting 3rd, so Longoria had to bat 9th.

  4. Jsess says:

    If the Yankees offered Jesus Montero and another minor leaguer for Crawford at the deadline, I think Friedman would have a hard time declining it.

  5. Matt says:

    I mean Crawford is probably going to the Yanks or Sox anyway so if they offer us a great deal and were not doing great why not? Yes, it would be bad at the time but if we know we cant compete with his wants, we might as well get some good prospects.

  6. Matt says:

    that 2k10 ad is a bad omen!!


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