Peter Gammons spoke with some scouts about a few of the Rays top prospects with some surprising feedback…

One of the fun debates on the west coast of Florida is rating the three young, big arms on the Rays. I polled six scouts, five had it 1. Wade Davis, 2. Jeremy Hellickson and 3. David Price, and the other had it Hellickson/Davis/Price.

In other words, all six scouts think David Price is behind both Wade Davis and Jeremy Hellickson. We are not sure if that means Big Dub and Hellboy are that great, or if we should be worried that King David is not what we all hoped.

Also, Gammons spoke with a GM and some scouts about two of the pieces the Rays received in the Scott Kazmir deal…

One GM said Tampa Bay’s Sean Rodriguez “has the best bat speed I’ve seen all spring,” and two scouts think the 160-pound lefty reliever the Rays got from the Angels in the Scott Kazmir deal, Alex Torres, will be a major factor in the second half.

Not bad considering Kazmir is now battling a shoulder injury.



  1. Kevin says:

    Which GM do you think he talked to that called Alex Torres(career relief appearances: 11, and 9 of them were in 2006/200) a reliever? I'm also skeptical that he'll take the step forward in control that the Rays FO would deem necessary to call him up. Also consider that he's a near-lock to start the year in Montgomery: I can't think of any player who has started the season at AA for the Rays and gone on to play for the big-league club that year(David Price, a special case, started in Vero Beach).

  2. Kevin says:

    Actually, I can think of one: Juan Salas. But he was actually a reliever, and quite frankly I don't see the Rays moving Torres out of the rotation.

  3. Don says:

    Who cares if A. Torres ever makes looks like to me.. Kazmir for Alex Jr. was a steal...straight up....
    The Rays got another "hitter" that can help the bottom 5 in the order...
    the Angels got a mediorce pitcher at best...making $12mil...
    Hope the Kazmir cry babies are now happy with the deal!

  4. Ben says:

    I don't think that they are saying Price is bad.

    Remember they are referring to them as prospects, and from we've seen they are judging their highest level (the possibilities). Price has shown that he may not be a dominant #1 or even #2 but he has proven that he can be consistent and will be a major league pitcher for years to come.

    Hellickson and Davis, more or less, have not DISproven themselves in ways. Which one will finish with the best record, most awards, or most accolades... well we'll have to see. No matter which way it works out, it's a nice problem to have.

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