Tampa is a finalist to host the 2012 Republican National Convention. Earlier today, Republican leaders were given a tour of Tropicana Field. Among the highlights was a special greeting from BJ Upton

On Tuesday, the RNC selection committee, including RNC Chairman Michael Steele, arrived at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg…St. Petersburg Mayor Bill Foster greeted the group. There was also pre-recorded video greeting from Tampa Bay Rays centerfielder BJ Upton.

So does this mean that Upton would not support a marriage between Alex Rodriguez and Mike Piazza?



  1. Beth says:

    BJ is clearly the last truly bipartisan person left in this country — here’s a link to a blog post reporting on his appearance, with several other members of the American League champ Rays, appearing at an Obama rally at Legends Field during the 2008 presidential campaign:


  2. td says:

    Fun fact…. Obama is against gay marriage.

  3. Justin says:

    Suddenly, I have much more respect for Upton. Nice!

    • Justin H says:

      Suddenly, I have much less respect for someone with the same name. Nice!

      • Justin says:

        Don’t worry dude, given the overwhelming majorities who dislike the current administration, you’re going to be able to complain about people with other names soon.

        But, hey maybe this administration can help the Rays? By 2012, they may be arguing that baseball tickets are inalienable rights. It’s not like they’re basing rights on anything like the Constitution or anything! Why stop there? Maybe Bud Selig can get a new stimulus for baseball stadiums! Here comes the value added-BASEBALL-tax!!!

        • Dirtbag Fan says:

          …and don’t forget about the new federal season ticket loan available through the new health care reform bill (how’d they sneak that in there- those sneaky liberals are so much better at hiding their deceit then us…).

  4. Beth says:

    And please don’t insult Mike Piazza’s taste! He could do a lot better than A-rod.

  5. Terp12 says:

    Is there anyone A-rod won’t do?

  6. Don says:

    BJ’s a Republican….does Bill Clinton and “the girls” know this??
    Tiger….. one of the brothers need you…….

  7. Sublime says:

    BJ Upton…Centerfielder…Republican (I guess it could be worse, a tea party member maybe???)…Then he’d have to scream a racial epithet at himself.

    • td says:

      It’s funny the Congressman’s security detail were carrying video camera’s, yet there is no proof that this actually occurred. Andrew Breitbart is offering $100,000 for video proof, and with dozens of cameras present, one would think that would be easy money.

      • Justin says:

        Yeah, if you actually look at the videos, there’s absolutely zero evidence of racial epithets. Clyburn just wanted to yell racism in a crowded room.

        Remember, Clyburn is the same guy who said opposing the stimulus is racist. Notice a race-bating trend, anyone?

  8. Beth says:

    Let’s just clarify — there is no proof here that BJ is a Republican! He’s just being a good citizen by helping promote the area to the Republican National Committee. Personally, I wouldn’t support the Republicans even if Evan Longoria himself proposed marriage to me in return for my vote…but I would would still help promote Tampa to the RNC, because all those delegates paying our hotel and sales taxes is good news for all of us.

    As I posted above, BJ was one of several Rays who showed up at an Obama rally in October 2008 (another was Jonny Gomes, the “man crush” of about 80% of the guys who post on this blog, and proof that REAL men vote Democratic), and that appearance is just as likely to represent his views as the PR video he did.

    • td says:

      Just to be clear, no one should really care what political leanings a player has. Many arent the most educated on that particular topic….

    • Matt C says:

      All in fun, Beth. David Price was there too, and we’re not hating on him. TD is right that athletes and politicians generally aren’t the most educated on political matters… some of them are pretty insulated from the “real world” the rest of us live in and have all sorts of funny opinions.

      • Beth says:

        I didn’t think anyone was hating on anyone! I appreciate that this is all in good fun. I guess it’s hard to communicate the twinkle in my eye via a blog post.

        • Justin says:

          Beth, it will be even more fun, when, as the CBO states, our debt will be 90% of GDP in 10 years. That’s all due to your buddy Obama who by every metric –not bias, but math–is bankrupting this country.

          Oh, wait that’s not fun at all.

          Who cares what party you or I, or even BJ supports–the current administration is the problem. I am a registered Democrat, who voted and worked for Scott Brown here in MA. It’s not the party, it’s the platform and economics that drive my vote. The same economics that convince you to support the RNC in Tampa should convince you to oppose the current administration’s policies.

          • Beth says:

            I guess Justin here didn’t get the memo about how this is all in good fun. Justin, there are tons of other places you can post your displeasure with the administration’s policies. Do we have to have those debates here, too?

          • Sublime says:

            I think we struck a nerve with you, yes? Don’t forget about that Billion dollar a week Military plan to find those Weapons of Mass Destruction, are we still looking for those?

  9. Amanda says:

    “Alll __________ are ___________,” is the worst thing you can say about anybody. There are Log Cabin Republicans (a gay Republican caucus). One of my more liberal friends, who is a journalist, just yesterday joined a group on Facebook that, “I bet we can find a million people who do NOT believe in evolution.” Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican. And, as stated before, President Obama said on the campaign trail that he was against gay marriage.

    And most of the comments above are the exact reason why I belong to no political party. It’s become “we” vs. “they” instead of “my ideas are different, but we all have a common goal.” Funny how we’re all Rays fans and we all have a common interest, and we all seem to come from different backgrounds and have different political views, but we all get along when it comes to talking baseball. But when someone mentions something political, it all of a sudden becomes a slam fest, who can post up the political jargon the fastest, and say rude things about the other side.

    Whatever … I can see beyond that to the Rays fans we all are. I hope you guys can too.

    • Andy Kline says:

      Thanks for your post Amanda. This really isn’t the place to be bashing other people’s political views. I loved Prof’s post because it was an interesting Rays nugget. And who knows, maybe B.J. aspires to be a politician someday (so what if he wants to be both parties good side-all politicians do it). But I did not enjoy the comments after the story. It’s just not really cool to bash anyone’s political views anywhere. Have a good April Fools Day everybody. And Go Rays!

  10. charles says:

    Of course he’s a Republican – he’s a multimillionaire and the Republican party is the party of the rich or the gullible.

  11. teaparty says:

    Hey, good writing.

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