Carl Crawford was asked yesterday if he would be willing to give the Rays a home-team discount. His answer was a less-than-emphatic “you never know,” in which he deferred to his agent.

Maybe more telling was this quote from the St. Pete Times in which CC was asked about his next contract and getting paid…

That’s what you go there for, to free agency. You go there to get paid like the guys who play against you. Pretty much, it speaks for itself.

Does that sound more like a guy that will give a home-team discount or a guy that is more concerned with a contract that shows respect and reflects his abilities? We have said this before, it is not about what a player can live with. For many of these guys it is about being shown respect and being paid as much or more than players they are clearly better than. And if that is important to Crawford, there will be no home-team discount.


  • Pat Burrell is saying all the right things heading into the 2010 season. He also revealed that he suffered from “some slight herniations” in his neck last year and that he did not treat them properly. [Tampa Tribune]
  • Jon Heyman writes that the Yankees “love” Carl Crawford and that he might have been the real reason the Yankees wouldn’t give Johnny Damon a two-year deal and maybe why they passed on Matt Holliday. []
  • In the same piece, Jon Heyman writes that the Rays and Marlins “are believed to have some interest” in Hank Blalock. []
  • Roger Mooney has some quotes from Carl Crawford on the distraction of his contract year, his future with the Rays and whether the Turf will be a factor in his next contract. [Rays Report]
  • Carl Crawford worked out with Scott Kazmir this winter. Crawford also refuses to reveal his new full-arm tattoo. [St. Pete Times]
  • Tony Fabrizio has some quotes from Randy Choate on Phil Jackson, football, Tommy Boy and his favorite minor league city. [Tampa Tribune]
  • Cliff Floyd has a neg gig, broadcaster, although it sounds like he hasn’t given up on his baseball career, or even a coaching career. [The Palm Beach Post]
  • Here is another “there is no money to build a stadium in Tampa” article. [St. Pete Times]




  1. Charles says:

    Any interest in Blalock, much like the interest in Russell Branyan, to me spells the end of El Gato in Tampa before the season is over.

  2. Brixology says:

    I have decided. I'd rather see CC traded before the end of the year than see him in pinstripes.

  3. Brian says:

    If CC becomes a Yankee I will burn down Legends Field and Yankees Stadium. If the Rays don't sign him during the season, he needs to be traded. What kind of deal would CC take to stay in Tampa? Throwing out the hometown discount, how much do the Rays need to pony up? Cutting the payroll of Pat the Fat, Wheeler, and possibly El Gato should free up the funds for CC.

    • Charles says:

      Numbers I've seen seem to point to about $15 million per season. If Sternberg's assertion that the payroll will be under $60 million next year is to be believed, there is no chance at all that the Rays will use more than 25% of their payroll on one guy. Especially when his replacement (Jennings) will be ready by then.

  4. Tone says:

    They need to try and keep one, I am more for keeping Pena. Carlos seems to have a strong leadership role and they did get to the world series without Carl heathly. But if Carl stays and Pena goes I'd be fine with that too. Pena might be better since he won't be looking for too long of a contract(3yr tops?). If they can keep both I will finally join all the ass kissing of ownership and Andrew.

  5. Carey says:

    Agreed on Pena. Also, I think I'm the only Rays fan out here who isn't sold on CC as the end-all, be-all of outfielders. For one, I've never gotten the bad taste out of my mouth from his little pout session in 08 (Royals, I think) when he cried about having to lead off and play CF. Seriously CC? Not "comfortable" leading off? Not "comfortable" in CF? With that skill set? Pretty sad comments, IMHO.

    Look, I think he's a great player, but I also think BJ has a better upside. I also think last year may be the high point of CC's career. Maybe not. But it's a strong posibility given his penchant for injury. I think we should trade him (NL) and get what we can get (and, better yet, FUCK THE YANKEES!). Then again, it would be kinda cool to see the Yankees vastly overpay for CC then have CC break down physically and never make a meaningful contribution. Not that I'm wishing injury on Carl, but this is business and I love watching the Yankees flush money down the shittube.

    Anyone think the Braves would take him straight up (or with a ML) for their badass OF prospect (name escapes me at this time)?

  6. Beth says:

    I agree with everyone on the "trade him and get something in return" and especially the "don't let him end up on the Yankees". But I think it all comes down to where the Rays are in the standings in July. IF they are contending it would be awful to have them trade him -- even if it means they lose control of him thereafter. You've got to go for it this year, if at mid-season it looks like there's a chance (which I define as within 4-5 in the wild card race).

  7. Don says:

    Rays could solve a lot of questions with CC right NOW:
    Make him an OFFER ie: say $13mil plus incentives for next year,
    and going up for 4-5 yrs based on performance plus team success.
    That way they found out exactly where they stand:
    He accepts, He counter offers, or He flatly turns down their offer.
    Either way the Rays will know what his plan is, or they will have one happy signed player before season starts!
    Also, getting rid of other players salaries, Pena, Sorano, catchers, Upton would depend on whether CC is signed..... and for what $!

  8. Goo says:

    Trading CC won't stop the Yankees from signing him after the season.


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