• StPeteDave says:

      Don’t know exactly what Rays stay local in the offseason but I saw Garza at the Craker Barrel in St.Pete last week, was gonna mark out for an autograph but didnt have anything good on me to get singed so I left him alone. Watching the Bolts game tonight I saw BJ, Dirtbad and Sonny all sitting together in Bolts gear.

      Im pumped for the season, BRING IT!!!!!

  1. Andy Kline says:

    I’m so excited. Let’s play some baseball (or at least have our pitchers start to get ready)!

  2. Charles says:


  3. RyanReynolds says:

    I love this article!! I have been reading this blog for quite sometime now, and this is my first comment. I would like to tell you that I enjoy reading this blog, and that I love thought provoking articles like this!

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