The Professor plays with his Evan Longoria and Carl Crawford dolls during bathtime

Carl Crawford doll: Carl Crawford is better. I get on base first and score lots of runs.
Evan Longoria doll: Evan Longoria is better. I hit home runs and drive in lots of runs.
Carl Crawford doll: Oh, really, fool?
Evan Longoria doll: Really!
The Professor: (noticing swan on edge of tub) Stop looking at me, swan.



  1. Joel says:

    Poor Professor - the lack of real baseball is really starting to show.

    *cheap joke alert* Check out the video at -0:40: I'm impressed with the the way they were able to replicate the feel of a Wednesday night game at the Trop.

    • Dustin says:

      low blow, man. also, check this out: joshua fisher at the hardball times argues that longoria's contract is the worst in baseball, from the player's perspective.

  2. Ben says:

    Rio is not a country.

  3. BMAN says:

    Dude is super cool.

  4. Rumpy says:

    Joe Nelson is the next one to jump ship and go to the Red Sox...

  5. Jessica says:

    Prof, I can't believe you didn't have a comment about Longo saying don't try to throw a perfect game against the Rays! What restraint you have.

  6. Rytor says:

    That Veronica one hot piece of...


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