Fernando Perez was recently on “MLB Home Plate” on Sirius/XM radio in which he discussed “Jersey Shore,” proper baseball pluralization and his childhood nickname.


  • Jonny Gomes wants to reunite with Lou Piniella and hopes it will feel sooo good. [Sports Untapped]
  • Safe to say that Bert Blyleven’s knowledge of the Rays is limited to circling Twins fans at The Trop, but that didn’t stop him from chiming in. [Rise of the Rays]
  • Hal Bodley writes about why Don Zimmer is good for baseball. [MLB]
  • The Rays signed catcher Alvin Colina who was in triple-A for the Braves last year. The Rays will need extra catchers the first few weeks of spring training and Colina is the right type of guy.
  • The Rays #1 pick from the 1997 draft, Jason Standridge has signed with the Phillies. He last appeared in the majors with the Royals in 2007.



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