hangoverKeith Law has released his annual organizational rankings, and while it is no surprise the Rangers are on top, as they were for the second straight year in Baseball America’s rankings, it is a surprise that the Rays fell to third…

The Rays have graduated a fair amount of talent in recent years but continue to come up with arms, while using their stumble last year to flip Scott Kazmir and add three solid prospects to their system. They could easily graduate three more above-average or better prospects this year if openings arise at the big league level.

One thing Klaw fails to mention is that despite the wealth of talent the Rays have, there is a bit of a void in the middle, with top prospects in triple-A and the low minors, but few blue-chippers in between.

So which team jumped ahead of the Rays into second place? The Boston Red Sox. That’s right, a $125 million payroll and the second best farm system in baseball.

This is the part where we start running around in circles yelling “Amok! Amok Amok!”



  1. Dustin says:

    the ability to purchase pretty much any free agent they want is not enough for them, which is just one more reason why the sox are such a deeply, deeply irritating organization. by the way, this article at baseball prospectus is apropos:
    effing red sox. here's hoping the rays keep 'em out of the postseason this year.

  2. Michael says:

    I haven't even bothered trying to read the K Law piece since I'll just assume it's subscriber-only content like everything else over there. However, I took a look at the BA Top 10 list for the Red Sox and was underwhelmed. Aren't their top 2 guys (Kelly and Westmoreland) both 19 years old with 1 year in A-ball? That would be like if our #s 1 and 2 were Tim Beckham and Matt Moore. Sure they are talented (in Casey Kelly's case they aren't even 100% sure if he's going to pitch or play SS) but it doesn't seem like they have anything close to helping in the big leagues. Last year that would have been Lars Anderson and he took a huge step backwards.

    The Sox have nothing like Wade Davis, DJ, and Hellboy, that are nearly major league ready and I'd be really surprised if they have anywhere near as large of a contingent of quality young arms in the low minors as the Rays. Maybe I'm hugely uninformed, but I don't see why we'd be interested in swapping our system for theirs if the offer was made. Can anyone give me an example of WHY K Law thinks the Sox system is better?

  3. Dave S says:

    How is it that Sean Ridriguez did not make MLB's top 50 earlier this week?


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