One of my “must-read” websites is Uniwatch, and some of my favorite features over the years have been the illos of Rob Ullman.

So as a recent gift for Mrs. Professor, I commissioned Rob to create an illustration of Mrs. Professor wearing a Rays jersey in the style of classic pin-up art. Here are the results.


The results were as great as I had hoped.If you would be interested in having Rob create an original piece for you, you can reach him at his website, Atom-Bomb Bikini.



  1. Ben says:

    something inappropriate.

  2. John says:

    The top of the thigh/buttcheek is a nice touch.

    wait, that came out wrong.

  3. Joe says:

    After studying closely I don't think it's an exact match, but that looks eerily similar to the Rays new spokeswoman for texting to report unruly fans.


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