Remember when Dioner Navarro showed up at camp last spring in the best shape of his life? Navi’s OPS then proceeded to drop from .757 in 2008 to .583 in 2009.

Coincidence? Navi apparently doesn’t think so.

While this recent photo doesn’t give us the clearest view, it does seem apparent that Navi took out his frustrations on several local Dunkin Donuts and will be carrying a few extra love handles into the 2010 season (thanks @macgivens77).

For comparison, here is a picture of Navi from spring training last year.

Nobody will ever accuse Navi of being anorexic, but the gut appears considerably smaller a year ago. He was listed at 205 pounds last season. If that number was accurate, he must be more like 230-235 this season. And that is a lot of weight on a 5-9 frame.

Dioner Navarro and Kelly Shoppach put their pants on the same way, one leg at a time. But after they have their pants on, Navarro goes back to the buffet table for seconds.

*Only Willy Taveras posted a worse OPS (.559, min. 400 PA) in 2009.



  1. Justin H says:

    looks like he won't have to worry about Aki getting traded, cause he's not fitting in his pants anymore anyways

  2. Don says:

    How they could keep this guy (Navarro) at $2mil instead of Zaun I will never know...Zaun and Shoppach would have been perfect...If Shoppach doesn't hit Zaun could play almost every day by mid season...
    I'll bet anyone Zaun has a better Avg, Hrs, Rbis than Navarro this year
    any takers.....AF, Maddon....anyone??

  3. Michael says:

    Speaking of Navi's weight, one of my all-time favorite Rays quotes was from Navi before the 2008 season. When talking about how seriously he took losing weight that offseason he said something like "And I gave up eating fried chicken after 8pm." That was right before he went on to have the best season of his life.

  4. Rory says:

    Well Jack Nicholas could never win golf tourneys during years he lost weight. Maybe Navi is the same kind of guy.... how's that for wishful thinking. Is he on the Delmon Young plan; that is eating his way to type II diabetes like Dimitri or is really P. Sandoval in waiting? I'll hope for the best as it seemed watching him last year that is was mostly mental. He just completely lost touch with the skills he showed the year prior. His plate discipline needs to be a focus for 2010 and maybe the new hitting coach can help.

  5. GatorRaysHead says:

    Fat Navi was a hell of lot better than skinny Navi. I see this as a positive.


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