StPetersburgBowlTonight is the second annual St. Petersburg Bowl to be played at Tropicana Field. The game will match Rutgers and Central Florida.

And the game is…sold out?

There can be only one explanation for a sold out sporting event at Tropicana Field: There must be a post-game concert featuring Smashmouth.



  1. Dave S says:

    THAT was one nasty (by that I mean bad) concert! My ears are still ringing!! AND it was a loss to boot!

  2. Kyle L says:

    Naw... they really didn't sellout ALL the seats in the stadium. Just the one they put up for sale. Last year (another "sell-out") had most of the seats on the leftfield-side cordoned off. It suppose it makes sense because the those outfield seats would be really far away from the football field.

  3. Don says:

    Not a fans thought it was a real Pro game played in a nice climate controlled building where everyone can see and go to the bathroom and actually get something to eat and drink....Now they have to go back to that dump in Tampa.....wait to see the attendance at that game!

  4. Kevin says:

    RU Rah Rah!

    //I'm sick of us going to crappy bowls

  5. Israel Bonk says:

    I've been out from the loop with football to much time. I loved it as a young child, growing up. Being from Texas, it was always the Cowboys. Back then, the heroes were Roger Staubach and Tom Landry. Afterwards, after relocating to California, I found myself at times rooting for John Brodie of the 49ers, nonetheless it was always Cowboys as soon as two came head-to-head. Right now, I'm retired. The difficulties of output deadlines, personal initiatives and endless errands have reduced. And I wax nostalgically for the gridiron as well as the excitement of the contest. Yes, I will be watching so much more football. You can bet on it.


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