One year ago on Rays Index we learned that the Rays would be much less Jonny-Terrific in 2009 after the Rays decided to non-tender Jonny Gomes.

Jonny Gomes Non-Tendered By Rays, Now A Free Agent [Rays Index]




  1. Don says:

    A better hitter than Burrell (2009) and certainly a better team player ….and would have stayed for about $1mil……
    Result: Rays less $8mil….could have got a RF or catcher!

  2. Dustin says:

    Yeah, sure wish Pat’s bat had made me miss Gomer less than I would’ve anyway. So it goes: sad, sad, sad.

    In hopefuller news, mlbtraderumors is reporting that Jonny will be non-tendered by the Reds. Maybe we can bring him back!

    • Don says:

      He can hit better than Kaplar…and can probably whip muscle boy’s ass..
      at least thats my opinion….What fun that that would be…plus memories of 2008 would be in the clubhouse!….Don’t shot!

  3. stunna says:


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