One year ago on Rays Index we took a look at what people were saying in the immediate aftermath of the Edwin Jackson-for-Matt Joyce trade.

What They Are Saying About The Edwin Jackson-Matt Joyce Trade [Rays Index]




  1. Charles says:

    I just looked at Matt Joyce’s Durham stats. He stole 14 bases last year (against 5 caught).

    I hope he comes in and wins the RF job this year. I’d like to spend the year watching sweetly swung doubles flying around the park.

    • Don says:

      Joyce is not even a very good minor league player right now…If your looking for him to help a major league club (Rays) right now I think its more wishfull thinking…the only doubles flying around this year will be over his head….and this for EJ…

  2. Don says:

    PLEASE…..I’m still trying to forget about that disaster….Wouldn’t need
    Soriano if EJ was here in the bull pen….and he wouldn’t cost $7mil…
    but its Stu’s money…he can spend as he likes…but we blew 2009 without EJ…..

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