Two years ago on Rays Index we wrote about the biggest trade of the young Andrew Friedman-era, in which Delmon Young was sent to the Twins for Matt Garza and Jason Bartlett.

Rays Trade Delmon Young And Two Others To The Twins For Matt Garza, Jason Bartlett And A Minor Leaguer [Rays Index]





  1. Carey says:

    The "Two Years" links should be fun this year. Interesting the lack of posts and debate.

  2. Don says:

    Two years later.....the trade is STILL the biggest and best trade AF has I can give a list of the include signings!

  3. bukmachert says:

    and is stil the best and the biggest

  4. stunna says:

    This is one of those deals we will still talk about 20 years from now, and how big of a step it was towards building a winner. I've been very happy with Garza, and beyond satisfied with what we got in Bartlett.


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