With the baseball season now officially over, my 4-year contract with RaysIndex.com has now expired. While we continue to discuss what role I will have around here moving forward, I have stepped away from baseball for the moment and made my debut today over at Joe Bucs Fan. Some would call this a negotiation ploy. I’ll let you decide.

From The Professor’s Desk … [Joe Bucs Fan]



  1. Indy Rays Fan says:


  2. cubfanraysaddict says:

    Prof Jr. ready to take over?

  3. Jim from NPR says:

    Say it ain’t so Cork, say it ain’t so

  4. Don says:

    Talk about stepping DOWN…
    From the Rays to the Bucs……Please!

  5. Kieth says:

    i never post on this site, but you better be back because there are no sites out there like this one for the rays. and seriously the bucs are awful, what more can you write about them?

  6. zenny says:

    I agree, buddy – you need to come back, as this is the best… wait, they pay you for this? Can your former bosses see my email addy?

  7. Rayhawk says:

    Going to be an EGG PUSHER? ugh well how the mighty have fallen. see you next yr. i dont watch the YUCKS, NEVER DID, round baller here. hope you can re sign really, this site rocks.

  8. Rayhawk says:

    How ever i did enjoy John McKays comments at his press conferences, that was the only entertaining thing about them

  9. Jessica says:

    sniff, sniff…you can’t leave us here, alone, and unprotected!

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