Two years ago on Rays Index we wrote about how some thought Joe Maddon was one of the crappiest managers in baseball.

Joe Maddon Is Too Good For The Rays [Rays Index]




  1. Rayhawk says:

    hey Cork just a silly question. It seems like when the Rays, got their new uniforms, you did hear the the Happy heckler any more. I can always hear him on the tube and the three games we went to in ’08 he wasnt there. Any news???

    Also a big thank you for all you did this year, hope your family is well, and hope to see you next year.



  2. Indiana Rays Boy says:

    Joe Maddon is still one of the crappiest managers in the league. The Rays have World Series talent that can match up with the Yankees and Red Sox along with a AAA mind coaching staff and manager.

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