Below you will see three polls that ask about your confidence in the Tampa Bay Rays. We will present these same polls every Tuesday. The results will be presented in graphical form on Thursday, and will be displayed permanently in the sidebar. The goal of the Confidence Graph is to get a feeling of how Rays fans feel about the team and the franchise and track how that level of confidence changes through time.



  1. Tone says:

    The money factor seems to be a big problem for the owners so I'm sure things will change more. This change will likely mean a similiar or worse 2010 season. Maddon is insane so that factor lowers my hope further. 2008 team and line-up were tweaked too much, and adding Pat instead of a closer has doomed another playoff run. Little hope for them from me, but I'll keep watching.

  2. The Doctor says:

    You have non-baseball guys making baseball decisions (not only that but who cares about Ivy League sports in general) and you have "Mr. Maddon-son's Neighborhood" in the dugout..."That's okay if you didn't run for that ball BJ--now here's your milk and cookies and try harder the next time, OK?"
    Maddon's style is good for a young team but not for a team that has veterans. He's got to put the hammer down sometimes. Too bad you got rid of the one coach who would do just that---Bill Evers (the winningest coach in franchise history! I guess he wasn't warm and fuzzy enough.

    • Beth says:

      How do you know that Maddon doesn't come down hard on players in private? Everyone assumes that just because Maddon doesn't attack his players in the press that he is easy on them in private. We really have no evidence of that.

      And most teams have "non-baseball guys" in management positions. After a few years of running a team they become baseball guys.

      I have confidence in Maddon, and confidence in the front office with the caveat that they are not going to spend a whole lot of money.

  3. Don says:

    The PLAYERS confidence was built up in 2008 by winning....How confident can they be after their showing in 2009 ....and their chances of beating the Yankees/Red Sox???
    Does Maddons good ole boy/everythings ok mentality build confidence... or do players begin to question that BS after awhile? 2010 will tell!

  4. cubfanraysaddict says:

    I'm less confident about papa Joe than the others but still above 8 for the other two (also in an attempt to hit submit I hit 1 on the new 3-4yrs poll so you can take that result out if it's the only one).


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