Phillies_in_the_FaceThe Philadelphia Phillies finished off the LA Dodgers and will try to become the first repeat champ from the NL since the Cincinnati Reds of the mid-70s (let’s hope this is the last time the Phillies are mentioned in the same breath as the Big Red Machine).

Of course, last year the Phillies cheated their way to a World Series title over the Tampa Bay Rays. If you blocked that week out of your mind, let’s recap…

So with the Phillies going for back-to-back titles, let’s speculate how they will cheat this year (assuming the Yankees win the ALCS)…

  • Raul Ibanez might be ‘roid-enhanced.
  • With Romero out of the playoffs due to his post-’roid injury, he will dress in drag and visit Alex Rodriguez in his hotel room the night before all road games.
  • Two words for CC Sabathia: Veggie Platter.

Just remember, the Phillies put their pants on just like the rest of baseball, one leg at a time. Of course after they have their pants on, they cheat their way to World Championships.



  1. Carey says:

    Whatever. I am, at this point and for the next two weeks (pending an Angels miracle), a full-on, unabashed, might-even-buy-a-hat-if-it-helps, Phillies Fan. It’s kinda like the way my Grandparents were Stalin fans in 1943. Sure, Stalin is a murderous scumbag, but look who’s on the other side?

    And make no mistake, the Yankees are to sports what Hitler was to geopolitics. Screw them. I hope they all tear ACLs. I hope A-Rod’s hamstring explodes. I hope CC’s left arm falls off. I’d root for a plane crash except my stomach couldn’t take the barf-inducing years of tributes and eulogies.

    Go F-ing Phillies!! (at least for now).

  2. Just one clarification — the Phillies are trying to become the first NL team to win back-to-back World Series since the Reds. The Braves won back-to-back pennants twice in the ’90s.

  3. PhightinFils says:

    Professor you’re a jackass…the phillies are not frauds and the MLB did everything in its power to help the Rays all series long. IE game 5 top of the 6th when the Phils had to play defense in the horrible conditions and gave up the tying run, but the Rays did not. However, non of that matters because we won.

    With the roids…get of your high horse.


    • What is funny about this comment is if this guy was comfortable with the Phillies title, he wouldn’t be so sensitive. Or maybe he is still embarassed that in 120 years, the Phillies have as many titles as the effin Marlins and there are legitimate reasons to shit all over one of them.

    • Rome says:

      ” MLB did everything in its power to help the Rays all series long.” That’s a load of crap. Let’s start and end with the strike zone. Scott Kazmir was getting squeezed and Jaime Moyer wasn’t. Let’s add it Jimmy Rollins being out at third. Let’s talk about Cole Hammels balk? What do you got? Rocco Baldelli? And a check swing? MLB saw the storm coming in and still wanted to play the game 5 in terrible conditions. Do not insult a decent fan base like the Phillies by associating yourself with the Phillies. That one comment about ” MLB did everything in its power to help the Rays all series long, ” alone is just purely stupid.

      Three of the five games were lost by ONE run. The MLB did everything it it power to help the Rays LOSE. Prove me wrong, I dare you. You won’t because you can’t. Cork it and enjoy watching Rocky while listening to your Boyz II Men album.

  4. WPSN says:

    There are two teams in Major League Baseball that I root for heavily, and that’s the Rays and the Phillies. Last year was my dream season since I only live 5 minutes outside of Philadelphia. It was so much fun watching both of my teams play for a chance at the ring. But cheating? None that I noticed, and I’m as big of Carl Crawford and Evan Longoria fan as you’ll ever meet.

    I am an avid visitor to, in fact sometimes I surf by at least twice a day. However, after reading this column I’m not sure if I’ll ever return. What a childish view of the 2008 World Series.

    Do any Rays fans remember game 5 and how the Phillies got screwed by the indecisive umps with the monsoon while in the field? Or that J.C. Romero pitched in game 2 which the Rays won, and also again in game 4 during an already decided blowout. Did Blanton’s pine tar enable him to hit a home run off of Edwin Jackson?

    Does anyone recall Longoria, Pena, and Upton batting a measly 8 for 57 (.140)? Longoria was 1 for 20 (.050). Maybe that had more to do with the Rays loss than cheating. Or how about Scott Kazmir’s 10 walks or the Phillies pitching staff’s ERA of 2.86? The Rays also batted .212 for the series.

    “Cheating is baseball’s oldest profession. No other game is so rich in skullduggery, so suited to it or so proud of it.” – Thomas Boswell

    • First of all…just my opinion, but if you are a fan of two teams, you aren’t a fan of either.

      And if you really think that I think JC Romero is going to dress in drag and bang A-Rod, then I don’t know what to tell ya. Thanks for stopping by. Maybe next time you will read some of the posts and realize we like to have fun around here from time to time.

      • WPSN says:

        I’ve been a true Phillies fan since 1978 and I latched onto the Rays as my “AL” team to root for in 1998. Yes, I’m aware you like to have fun on this site that’s why I visit, but cheating? I mean baseball was founded on finding ways to out cheat your opponent.

        It’s my mistake. I thought the Rays would be so upset from losing to cheaters that they would work their asses off to get back to the World Series in order to prove that they were the better team? I guess they decided that once was enough for them, and that some extra golfing time was more important in 2009. I was disappointed by their season this year too, because I am a true rays fan. Here’s to Desmond Jennings righting the ship again in 2010 (my soon to be new favorite Ray player).

    • Gus says:

      Romero was the winning pitcher in half of the Phillies wins in the World Series. The Phillies knew he had tested positive (twice) before the World Series started and still put him on the roster while he used the appeal process to pitch while the andro was still in his system (he juiced up in late July and early August by his own admission). That is not a type of cheating that an umpire can police (unlike pine tar, spit balls, etc.). The Phillies won the World Series and a guy with elevated levels of testosterone was a key contributor. Live with the grief Philly Fans (haven’t seen an honest Philly fan yet when it comes to that, although I suppose they are out there).

      Go Yankees.

  5. Ben says:

    lol at the one and only rays fan on this planet crying like a little bitch.

    i cant wait until they fold the rays. that pathetic city and fan base deserves to sink into the gulf.

    • Rome says:

      Then where are the Phillies going to have their Spring Training? They train in clearwater which is twenty minutes from the Trop? It’s taken the Phillies how long to acquire their fanbase? How big was the fanbase when the Phillies were 12 years in the league? Keep on talking, please.

  6. Rowengartner says:

    I guess Eva Longoria and Carlos Pena going a combined 3-37 in the series had nothing to do with the outcome.

    Nothing. Nothing whatsoever.

    Go back to college and learn how to write. Your current skills need more cowbell.

    • And Joe Blanton’s pinetar and Romero’s PEDs had nothing to do with Dirtbag and Pena going 3-37. Nope. Nothing.

    • Rome says:

      How can the players hit a ball if it’s being call a strike, even though it’s out of the strikezone? Phillies pitchers practically intentionally walked batters and still had the pitches called a strike. The last strike out of the game, you know? Eric Hinske? Strike two came across, it was outside Hinkse checked his swing, and the home plate ump said he went around. So, the pitch? About the same pitch as before, Hinske swung at a pitch out of the zone. You Phil-LIES “fans” are a trip.

  7. WPSN says:

    As far as power goes, I think the Phillies may the more powerful machine…

    Not one Red hit more than 30 home runs in 1975, in fact, only three players hit more than 20 (Bench, Perez, and Foster). Only two players hit more than 20 home runs in 1976 (Morgan and Foster).

    In 2008 three Phillies hit over 30 home runs (Howard, Utley, and Burrell) and four hit more than 20 (Werth). This year four Phillies hit more than 30 home runs (Howard, Utley, Werth, and Ibanez) and five hit more than 20 (Rollins).

  8. Josh says:

    Wow this is some of the dumbest garbage I’ve ever read. Bitter much? First of all, there was no game 6 in the WS. Second, Romero tested clean right before the playoffs, therefore that’s irrelevant. Third, you genius manager had the umpires trot out to the mound and check out Blanton’s cap and they decided there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. You done crying now?

    • Who cares if he tested clean. What, all of the sudden his extra strength disappeared? And no, the umpires never checked Blanton’s cap. Did you watch the World Series?

      • WPSN says:

        Romero tested positive after taking 6-oxo, a diet supplement. That stuff must be similar to Popeye’s spinach? Do steroids help you throw the ball in the strike zone? Was he throwing 110mph? There also could be some steroid issues with Eric Hinske and Carlos Pena. Two guys having career years then really dropping off after testing became “important again”.

        • Dre says:

          With missing the last month of the 09 season, Carlos Pena still tied for first with HRs in the AL. I wouldn’t exactly call that dropping off

      • Joe Blanton's hat says:

        Blanton’s worn the same hat every game this year. He is so freaking sneaky!

    • Gus says:

      Josh: You are wrong. Romero admited using through late September. From Steroid Nation:

      “On Aug. 26, Romero gave a urine sample for a routine random drug test. On Sept. 19, during a road trip to Miami, he submitted another sample for a random test. It was not until four days later – after being tested randomly a second time – that Romero was told the Aug. 26 sample tested positive for a banned substance. He said he immediately stopped using the supplement.”

      To say his World Series performance in October was not benefitted from cycling through Andro for 6 plus weeks (his purported visit to the Jersey GNC was in late July) in August and September is just kidding yourself. He may have other defenses — my trainer said it was okay, MLB didn’t tell me about this product, etc — but the fact that he wouldn’t be “juiced” in any common use of the term has you in denial.

      And that is where the Phillies organization had culpability. That had other pitchers to choose from. They chose the juiced one.

  9. Don says:

    Would anyone like to leave Tampabay and move to Philadelphia with these beauties???
    Besides Phillies can’t beat the Yankees anyway…and they will be crying again in a week or so……Go Yankees… AL East is the best!

  10. Ben says:

    No one lives in Tampa as evident by the fact that, EVERY GAME in last season’s word series was a Phillies home game. We dont even need to get into your attendance figures.

    • Really? Because we could get into the Phillies attendance. Go look at the attendance figures in 2000 when the Phils had games with 15,000 fans. That’s a big bandwagon this year.

      • Attendance says:

        No team sells out when they suck. Unlike the Rays, at least the Phillies sell out when they’re good

        • nobody bashes the Rays attendance more than I do. All I am saying is no team should be high and mighty about attendance because all teams suck in attendance when the team sucks. And the Rays sucked for a long time. Going to take more than one AL title to change that. But, give the Rays 120 years and (hopefully more than) 2 titles, and the Bay Area will draw more fans when they are good and they wont draw anybody when they suck. Just like everybody else.

          • TE says:

            I’ll give you that one WS appearance doesn’t necessarily results in sell outs. But an average increase of 800 people per game?

      • Lawrence M says:

        The Rays stadium probably doesn’t help. That place is a dump, just like the Vet was back in 2000. Hopefully a new stadium in Tampa will help just like CBP did for Philly.

        • Rome says:

          The Trop isn’t a dump. They have done A LOT of work on the trop. When I first came to the Tampa Bay area in 1999, I thought the inside of the Trop was like an airplane hanger. It’s a fun place to take in a ballgame, I have at it saves you from the heat, humidity, and heavy rain that could ruin a game.

      • TE says:

        So – one year after going to the World Series:

        PHI home attendance: 44.5 K – 102%
        TBY home attendance: 23.1K – 53%

        Well the Phillies won and the Rays lost you say:

        In 2008 after the Phillies were swept by the Rockies:

        PHI home attendance: 43.3K – 97%
        TAM home attendance: 22.3K – 53%

        Interesting. After going to the World Series, Rays fans increased attendance by an average of 800 people per game.

      • TE says:

        Over the last 7 years, PHI has pretty much had double or higher the attendance of TAM.

      • PG says:

        The vet was a dump and to be honest it was better watching the game on TV or listening to HK call it. Which reminds me I’m going to have to put up with Joe Buck again this year.

  11. Lawrence M says:

    Come on Rays fans, is this really necessary? I’m a Phillies fan, but I gotta be honest, I really like the Rays. They built the team the right way, by drafting smart and trading away crap for young studs. Seriously, Zambrano for Kashmir? Highway robbery!!! But this article? Don’t go down this road, for a second I thought it was written by a Mets fan. Trust me, you guys are better than that. Much better.

    And seriously, if you are writing an article about cheating in the World Series, shouldn’t it be about the Yankees? A-Rod, Pettite, Clemens….. I mean really. Hopefully both teams are clean now and it will be an epic series. Hopefully Tampa fans will be pulling for the Phils to beat the Yanks, we need all the support we can get!

    But hey, I really do like the site and I really hope your owners put some money into your team. The Rays are so close to being elite, and any team that can take down the Yankees and Red Sox are okay in my book. Best of luck next year, hope Burrell bounces back for you guys. Go Rays and GO PHILS!

  12. The Professor's vagina says:

    i can’t take much more, i’ve been beaten every day since last october, he screams “they cheated! they cheated!”

  13. Phils_fan says:

    Your still bitter about last year? If the phils didnt earn it last year, then why are we back? Where are the rays?? writing silly blog posts like this one… I hope romero does visit AROD in drag… go phils!

  14. PG says:

    You seem to have taken out the game 6 “Steve Harvey Show” gem… Wasn’t that game 6 of the ALCS, cause I damn well know the WS didn’t go 6 games. I love the “whoa is me attitude.”

  15. Mr.Vengeance says:

    This has to be the biggest pile of crybaby shit I’ve ever read.

    “Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…The Phillies cheated.”


    Forget how the league and Bud changed the freaking rules of baseball to allow the Rays to stay alive a couple of extra days before we finished the job.

    How’d we cheat in game 6, moron?????

    • PG says:

      I wasn’t saying they cheated in game 6, there wasn’t even a game 6. This tool posted something that occurred during game 6 of the ALCS last year and was trying to pin it on the Phillies. This guy is a hack and he is loving the amount of hits he is getting from Phillies fans calling his crap.

  16. John S says:

    Phillies fans crack me up. You guys take something that was obviously written in jest and all of the sudden the veins in your necks explode.

    Phillies fans. Proving once again that they are the biggest pile of cocksuckers in all of sports.

    Hey, here is an idea. Try not kill anybody during the World Series.

    • Gus says:

      Homicides usually aren’t fertile areas for humor, but Philly fan on Philly fan violence at the bar run by the Phillies is one area where I might make an exception . . .

  17. Phils_fan says:

    I especially like the ad banner at the top of this page. Way to go Phils!

    And FYI, if they would have played The Steve Harvey show instead of airing the phils game last night, the city would have rioted.

    • SS says:

      weren’t there riots last night? I seem to remember seeing a video of some idiot falling off a cab. speaking of which, who riots after an LCS?

      • Tampa Bay sucks says:

        Didn’t they give the Rays a freaking parade for winning the LCS?

        • I certainly don’t remember a parade. there was a parade in the spring at their new spring training home. It was more of a welcoming parade put on by the town.

          Then again, there was the two-day “celebration” to unveil their new uniforms. THAT was certainly over the top.

          • Prof,
            I think our Phine Philly Phriend is maybe referring to the City of St. Petersburg’s celebration at Straub Park where Chicago-based band “Survivor” performed.
            But then again, that was the city’s response to our first playoff berth, not the ALCS,or ALDS victories.
            Props to you Prof, someone always has to awaken the sleeping pitbulls.

          • Parade says:

            So a parade for one playoff berth is acceptable?

          • Read much? It wasn’t a parade. It was more like a pep rally. Second of all, WHO THE FUCK CARES? What does a parade have to do with anything. So what if the city did throw a parade. Is it a crime that the city would show support/congratulations/thanks to their only pro team? Why would that bother you? Why the fuck would you care? How in the world would a parade affect you? I don’t judge you for your Hannah Montana posters, and bed-wetting. So don’t be so worried about whether or not a city threw a fucking parade.

          • Did you read the comment? says:

            The only reason I mentioned the parade for the LCS (or whatever the hell it was for) was because someone said “Who celebrates an LCS victory?” Well apparently the Rays do, and apparently they celebrate just getting into the playoffs too.

            And it was a parade –

            On another note, you keep mentioning how this post was all in fun. So now it’s fun to accuse people of cheating? Doesn’t sound very fun to me. Or Raul Ibanez. And LOL at you thinking he could be roid-enhanced even after he flipped out at the last retard that tried to accuse him of cheating.

          • SS says:

            you think a parade is the equivelent of rioting? um, ok. i didnt say ““Who celebrates an LCS victory?” I said, “who riots after an LCS?” subtle, but important difference. wait. i take that back. it’s a huge difference. one is reflective of the city’s support for the team. the other is a bunch of drunked hooligans breaking and vandalizing things. why? because you won the right to get your asses kicked by the Yankees? good one.

          • It wasn't a riot says:

            It was people having fun celebrating in the streets. So there were a couple idiots jumping on taxis….that must mean every person in the Philadelphia metro area is a hooligan!

            (must’ve hit reply to the wrong post)

          • JP says:

            Did you even read the link you posted? That parade was welcoming the team to Port Charlotte, their first season at their new Spring Training complex. I read every comment on this article and only one thing comes to mind. “Phans” from Philly still have a complex, be it baseball, football, basketball or hockey, they all are mentally unstable.

  18. John says:

    How could you have a PhD and be so idiotic? Your way of thinking is insane. You are basically saying the Rays were better, but the Phils cheated and won?

    And why are you not responding to anyones comments on the game that the Phils had to field in the weather until the Rays tied it, but the Rays weren’t forced to? What is you response to that? I forgot you ignore that kind of stuff to make you argument better.

    • You obviously don’t know a lit of PhDs. Wait. Oh. Nevermind.

      And don’t put words in my mouth. I never said the Rays would have won. However, I did say Romero would dress in drag and bang A-Rod. Do you think I actually meant that? Geez people.

      As for games 5 and 5.5 (if you prefer) c’mon. Those weren’t fair for either team.

      • Beth says:

        First of all, as a Rays fan, let me say that the Phillies played much better than the Rays in last year’s World Series. Period.

        But, to all the Phillies fans logging on here:
        1. Playing in a downpour in game 5 was awful for both teams. I’m not sure why you see this as uniquely problematic for the Phillies. Yeah, fielding in those conditions must have sucked, but running the bases was not so easy either, and for a running team like the Rays, that mattered. Plus, if you recall, when the game was postponed, the entire Rays team had to leave their hotel and spend two days in…Wilmington!! If that’s not putting guys at a disadvantage, than what is? [And if we Rays fans are keeping score of the questionable "calls" in last year's series -- what about the hotel that gave the Rays the boot? Can't we blame them for some of this mess?]
        2. I can’t believe you Phillies fans are spending your time writing vitriolic comments about a partially tongue-in-cheek post on a blog aimed at the fans of a third place team. Why aren’t you all out celebrating and preparing for the Series? If this is how you behave while basking in the afterglow of victory, I’d hate to be around if your team loses. Seriously, guys, get off the computer and go enjoy some baseball!

  19. Justin H says:

    They Rays lost the World Series when they let Boston make that huge come back. If they had closed it out right then and there it would have been a way better series. But honestly that Phillies team last year in the playoff was just insane. Hamels was an absolute monster and Lidge was untouchable too. Still if the Rays win that the Boston series in 5 the World Series is much different, I’m not saying they win it, but it’s close.

  20. Brian Brady says:

    “Of course, last year the Phillies cheated their way to a World Series title over the Tampa Bay Rays.”

    Professor, please….we had so much respect for y’all last year. Don’t spoil the Rays “shining moment” (pun intended) with sour grapes.

  21. Phuck Philly says:

    27-10. Remember that score? you should. 2002 NFC Title game.

    you can keep your World Series title. Everybody knows the playoffs in baseball are a crapshoot. I’ll take the Lombardi Trophy any day.

    how are you guys liking your Super Bowl title?

  22. Dirtbag Fan says:

    Anyone who wants to dispute Prof’s ability to write, or to cover the Rays is obviously a moron.

    The man shouldn’t have to defend himself to the likes of the Phillies’ fans- especially on his own blog.

    I am surprised, however, that Prof got lured into a pissing-match, I will give you Phils fans credit for that- he usually leaves that to the likes of me and Killa Tapes…

    Oh, and Phillies fans… go to hell!

    • Appreciate the support as always, but don’t worry too much. These guys took an othewise boring afternoon and entertained me for a couple of hours. Most of this makes me laugh. Besides, you know me, sometimes I get a kick out of riling up those that are so easily riled. One of my favorite things.

  23. Only this time of the year will you see bands of fans from a couple of Northeatern US cities patrolling the blogs like the Politically Correct Police.
    I know the viewing numers will be big in that section of the country, but I will be curious to see what happens if the Yankees pull off their series.
    Nothing personal Phillie or NYY fans, but the rest of the country might not share your warm and fuzzy mentality at times.
    But enjoy your time…………….Some day you will be back here with the rest of us watching the game again.

  24. Andy Kline says:

    Prof, you are one heck of a writer. And I love when you try to have a little fun like in this piece, and some people obviously can’t take a little fun.

  25. Rob says:

    Wow, you could be the most pathetically bitter fan I’ve ever stumbled upon.

    I’m sorry that you are so bitter about the Rays loss last year that you cannot recognize that you lost a much better team. Their return to the World Series this year proves it.

    Your anger and efforts would be much better directed towards trying to get other residents of your area to turn out to the ballpark once in a while.

    10,000 fans a game this year (when it wasn’t versus a team from the northeast) for a defending AL champion was pathetic. Much like your angry, bitter rants.

    • You think this was a rant? Haha. I LOVE these comments. It’s great to see that you can so easily be riled by something written a Rays blog. This puts a smile on my face.

    • Dirtbag Fan says:

      The Phillies weren’t the better team last season… they were the better team during that series…

      How on earth could someone from (or a fan of) Philly even find a soap box to preach from in regard to not being angry and bitter? Are you flippin kidding me?

      Philly is the city of perpetual douchebags!

  26. It wasn't a riot says:

    It was people having fun celebrating in the streets. So there were a couple idiots jumping on taxis….that must mean every person in the Philadelphia metro area is a hooligan!

  27. Justin says:

    Everybody who has posted so far has a problem. Seriously.

    As a Rays fan I have come to realize: if you are so invested in your team that they affect your life in a negative way, then you shouldn’t watch sports. Period. Sports are not worth pissing your life away angry. They’re for fun, and while everyone here is acting like an asshole, MLB is getting rich off your asses.

    Prof, you say you like riling people up, and then you get riled yourself. But hold on a second… you enjoy making people angry… just because they root for another team than you do? Every one of you has more in common with each other than you do with Longoria or Utley, or their owners for that matter.

    I cannot believe, with all the anger towards executives and wall street fat cats these days, that you people are getting in fights with each other over the products on which rich bastards are making millions. You think they spend their time in pissing matches? Nah.

    Prof, I read your site every day. Just watch some “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” episodes, and take it easy.

    • Phuck Philly says:

      c’mon Justin, really? you come on here lecturing everybody about their behavior and yet you call everybody on here an “asshole.” Bit hypocritical, no?

      • Justin says:

        Well, do you buy the merits of my central argument? Word choice aside, if you agree with me, then I think the point is still valid. It seems stupid, to me, that everyone here is arguing over this stuff, getting angry, and for what?

        There is no valid reason whatsoever to get pissed off about sports. None. It’s not cathartic, because you’re not releasing anger that you didn’t have before… you get the anger from the sports. Just enjoy MLB, and if not, take a vacation.

        My use of the word, “asshole” was not in anger, more like the carriage driver in Ghostbusters… disbelief that people are acting this way.

  28. RR says:

    You’re an idiot.

    Let me say it again; you’re a freaking idiot.

    “Of course, last year the Phillies cheated their way to a World Series title over the Tampa Bay Rays.”

    Oh, of course. I’m not even a Phillies fan and I find that accusation ridiculous. The most unsuccessful franchise in American sports history wins 1 World Series and you’re blaming it on cheating? Please.

    “JC Romero tested positive for a Performance Enhancing Drug prior to the playoffs. But miraculously, MLB could not find an arbitrator prior to the World Series in order to uphold his 50-game suspension.”

    Do some research (it looks like you backup your so called ‘facts’ with assumptions). Yes, JC Romero was suspended for taking a performance enhancing drug. However do you KNOW what he was taking? No of course you don’t because you don’t care to do the research.

    Romero was taking 6-OXO, a Aromatise Inhibitor. It is ‘believed’ to help boost testosterone levels, but not to near the level that a player can physically improve his body. People who use this supplement are getting less of a benefit than teenagers get when they use creatine in high school sports.

    Yes, it was stupid for Romero to use this supplement, but IT WASN’T ANYTHING NEAR A STEROID! Look up the product yourself. And don’t just look at the company hype; look at the reviews from people who have used it (like myself) and you’ll see the only increase that most people see is the # of pimples they get on their face.

    And are you serious with this Blanton thing? I’m pretty sure that people have beat this thing like a dead horse and no proof has ever been uncovered that Blanton put pine tar on his hat. Moreover, if you DID watch baseball on a regular basis, you’d see that Blanton has always had the nervous twitch of going to his hat after every to every other pitch. And guess what? Sometimes pitchers get their hands dirty! Common sense dictates that if he gets his hands dirty and goes to his cap every few moments, he’s going to get a dark spot near his hat; especially if he’s not switching hats game to game.

    I’m not even a Phillies fan, yet your allegations of cheating are ridiculous.

    Not 1 player on the Phillies has been found to be using steroids (even though I wouldn’t doubt it; I’m willing to be up to 80% MLB players truly did or do) in the past 5 years. Now they go up against the Yankees who have had a number of ‘dirty’ players in their past, yet you’re still talking about the Phillies?

    Can you say bitter Rays fan? You’re a disgrace to this website.

    • Gus says:

      Here is the point. The rules of the game say taking illegal perfromance enhancing drugs means you don’t play for 50 games. The drugs he fully admits he took to overcome a “dead arm” suddenly turned a career journeyman (he had a plus 6.00 ERA in 2006) into a lights out reliever who I think allowed 1 run in 20 plus appearances after going on the banned substances (and those are only the ones he admitted to; the fact that he tested positive means he had elevated levels of chemicals that all parties agree are performance enhancing). He got suspended for 50 games for it. His performance this year certainly looks like a guy who cheated. And the facts were not in dispuite when the Phillies put him on the roster. We all know baseball cheating is rampant and all teams have had players on the juice. No team, however, has ever been faced with the moral choice of using a player still benefitting from PEDs, having tested positive and still playing him. They could and should have left him off the roster. They didn’t and knowingly won the world series with a drug cheat piching way above his career levels of performance. Congrats on chosing money and fame over what is right.

    • Dirtbag Fan says:

      He can’t be a disgrace to his own website…

  29. Not You says:

    What I find most pathetic is that certain people are still crying about LAST YEAR. That Rays could have easily rectified the situation this year by making it to the Series and battling it out with the Phils again. Instead, they decided that a third place finish suited them better. If Rays fans want to be angry at someone, they should be angry at their team for underachieving.

  30. Indiana Rays Boy says:

    I have been a Rays fan for 11 years and last year was an odd World Series. Doesn’t matter if JC Romero tested positive for PED of Joe Blanton had too much pine tar. The Phillies have players like Rollins,Utley,Howard,Victorino,Werth,Hamels,Burrell(when he was good) and a hot Brad Lidge. The Rays are a talented team like Phillies but the Philadelphia Phillies was a better team and Charlie Manuel outmanage the clown with the glasses in Tampa Bay. I rather have JC Romero in the Rays bullpen than guys like BALL-FOUR Balfour or guys like Andy Sonnanstine. Maddon is a joke of manager and mishandle the bullpen in the World Series. I don’t want to see the Yankees hoist up championship number 27.

  31. Beth says:

    OK, Rays and Philly fans, it’s time to stop bickering and turn our animosity toward a common enemy.

    According to Tyler Kepner of the NYT (I think I got his name right), no recent World Series was worth watching. Just a lot of teams from flyover land pretending to play baseball. But, thank goodness, the Yankees are back and now baseball has been saved.

    I’m really not (well, only slightly) exaggerating. Read it for yourselves:

  32. Cutter says:

    Hahahahahaha….oh my. As a Philadelphia sports fan, I’m used to being bitter about other teams. It gladdens my heart to read this and to see that finally one of my teams is the subject of such bitterness.

    As I’ve learned over the years, the losers talk of conspiracies, and cheating, and how their team was screwed. The winners just celebrate.

  33. 215>U says:

    LOL…Seriously still crying from last year?!?! Seriously?!? LOL.

  34. dvd on wii says:

    Cool looking blog, might I ask you what template you are running and how much it costs? I have been using cheap ones but can’t find one that I really like.

  35. j says:

    YOU’RE JUST MAD U LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO PHILS!!!!!!!

  36. schooled prof says:

    huh, trash the Phillies fan base? you might have better luck as the Florida Rays, son. Sorry that everyone in Clearwater is a Phillies fan! They just appreciate real baseball.

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