Apparently the gift for a 4th anniversary is “Take October Off.”

Today (we think…we might be off by a day) marks the 4th anniversary of the day Stuart Sternberg took control of the Rays. Looking back four years to the day, could we have imagined that the TAMPA BAY RAYS would win 80+ games and we would be disappointed?

*Raise the glass* To Mr. Sternberg and the rest of the Tampa Bay Rays…Cheers.



  1. Dirtbag Fan says:

    Yep... Big tip o' the hat from me (which I'm sure just makes their day).
    They've done more than we could have imagined.

  2. Don says:

    $100,000,000.00 richer ....but nice turn around of a formally BAD sports

  3. Kelley Larkin says:

    What? No mention of what BJ did last night? Everyone's been full of comments after the games he played terrible. At least we're trying to finish strong this season.

    • It is easy to think that we only bash BJ around here considering most of his performances this year have been, you know, bad. But we have never shied away from praising Bossman when he deserves it. As for last night's performance. Well, we don't post Hangovers on Saturday. Everybody knows Friday nights are where news goes to die. He should have picked a different night.

    • Beth says:

      Well, since it's Saturday and there's no Hangover, let's use this space to give kudos to BJ. Friday night may be a bad news night, but any time the stadium is half full of Yankees fans is a good night for one of the Rays to have a career night. I was there, and the Yankees fans were really, really quiet. Oh, and one question -- Price threw at Tex to avenge Pena, right? I'd rather believe that than think his control is really that poor.

      But to stay on point with the original blog entry -- I know there's ocassional disatisfaction with Rays ownership, but to put it in perspective: they've had control for 3 full seasons, and two have been above .500. Thanks, Stu, for giving us teams we can cheer on without embarrassment.

  4. Don says:

    BJ Score card: One(1) game GREAT....160 mediocre...(Aug/Sept Terrible)
    Lets don't go over board for one meaningless game in Sept.
    Show me how great he does next Aug. & Sept..and I will bow down...
    Untill then he is just another .200+/- hitter...period!

  5. Sublime says:

    **Ignoring What Don said**

    BJ had a fantastic game, and according to Rays standards, a Historic Game. Kudos to him.

    Considering the history of this Franchise, Stewie and the boys have done an excellent job. FYI for next year, If you're 3 games out of the playoffs in August don't trade your number 2 pitcher! Or you'll only see 10K in the stands for a game in September unlike the 30K that were in the stands last year for the same Game! Cheers.

    • Don says:

      Mr Sublime.....Ignoring facts seems to be why you are so uninformed...
      Kazmir is gone and has won 1 game in Sept. for a team that is better than the Rays...his replacement W. Davis is going for his 3rd win today for the Rays after being in the Majors 30 days..
      Do you really feel the Kazmir trade was the reason for their Sept) slip downward?
      Plus attendance Fri 20,000+ , Sat 30,000+ , Sun (30,000+) in a meaningless series against the Yankees (subs)....
      Really sounds like management pissed off fans....doesn't it??
      Facts.... son... Facts!

  6. Sublime says:

    Facts??? You speak to me of Facts??? I'll give you a fact

    What was the team's record and how many games out of the Wild Card were they when He (Kazmir) got traded???

    (W. Davis) 3 wins are like a QB throwing for 300 yards when the team is getting blown out! Yeah, he got 3 wins, but the die was already cast! I'm not talking about attendance versus the Yankees, they'll always sell, I was referring to the series versus the O's that had 8K, that series last year would have at least had 20-25K.

    The Yankee game is not a good barometer for RAYS Attendance, Shit, the Yankee fans will pack that place with nary Ray fan...LOL!

    Do I really think the Kazmir trade was the reason for their September Slide, Yeah, I do. Tell me another variable other than the trade that would result in them losing 11 in a row and about 3-15 at one point in the Month? It's about a subject you probably failed in high school, it's called CHEMISTRY!

    • Don says:

      Ok moron lets do the easy part first:
      Attendance: forget the Yankees or the the end of the season.

      the Rays are going to finish somewhere around 5% + for the season...
      the avg. of ALL other major league teams is -7%
      So are the Rays doing bad or good?....Help me...are the new owners doing good or bad...Please help me figure this out?

      Kazmir won 9 games for the Rays in 2009... for the sake of argument lets say he stayed with the Rays and won 3 games in Sept.(which would have been a miracle) .....where would have the Rays finished in the standings???..
      Then you bring up when Kazimir got traded ....Longo,
      Zo, JB, CC said thats it.... I"m not going to try anymore to get into the playoffs ....Kazmir is gone...My feelings are hurt or what??
      Like I said ...son...know the facts!

      • Gus says:

        3 wins, 13 losses in the 16 games after the Kazmir trade. Yes, it affected them in a very bad way, as they dropped from 3.5 out of the playoffs to 11.5 back in two weeks.

        Yankees tickets had been mostly pre-sold.

        Can't spin any other way. Mrs. Sternberg: it was a bad trade for THIS season. May turn out okay, but it sucks for now. Probably didn't make a difference with that disgrace of a bullpen out there for the final 6 weeks, but you never know what might have happened. Certainly Kazmir pitched better than ANY other Rays starter after the trade.


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