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  • Rays the Stakes is giving away an autographed Jason Bartlett baseball card. [Rays the Stakes]
  • Carl Crawford yelled at Pat Burrell prior to the game in the clubhouse. Burrell did not respond and there is no indication as to the reason behind the berating. [Tampa Tribune]
  • Remember when the AL East was supposed to feature the 3 best teams in baseball? Well, as Meatloaf said, two out of three ain’t bad…unless you are the Rays. Especially when a power rankings compares you to Billy Ray Cyrus.  [Yahoo! Sports]
  • The Astros have shut down Roy Oswalt…We wish the Rays would follow suit with Matt Garza and James Shields. [Houston Chronicle]
  • Rays Revolutionary says this Rays team is starting to look a little too much like the 2007 Devil Rays. [Rays Revolutionary]
  • Have the Rays found something more annoying than a cowbell to give away. [Rays Revolutionary]




  1. Gus, a casual fan says:

    My guess on the confrontation:

    Pat the Bat: My muscles are back; 4 rbis and The Bat is back to swinging it like the old times.

    Crawford: Be quiet PB. Your roided-up contract and lack of production ruined this team. At least Gomes didn't make any money when he struck out. And he kicked ass in fights. You're stealing money from me and the rest of the fellas.

    PB: Too bad CC. I'll be kicking it on the beach next season while the cheapskate from Connecticut sends you packing to play for the Mariners. I've got a World Series ring; all you guys have are those goofy hats with the ear flaps from the World Series.

    CC: (Profanities and threats ensue).

  2. Don says:

    Burrell has never wanted to be here in the first place....maybe the other players (esp CC) have enough of that attitude!

  3. MaggieMac says:

    It's a shame that it seems that many Tampa fans haven't bothered to get to know much about Pat Burrell.

    Burrell is not a player who would brag about one good game in an otherwise highly disappointing season (was it not two days ago that every media outlet in the area carried the story of him saying how disappointed he was in himself and that he didn't get the job done that he was brought in to do?), nor is he one to be content to sit back and collect a paycheck. Heaven knows why he'd want to be there in the first place.

    • Beth says:

      I think "MaggieMac" is really Mrs. Burrell.

      Just how are we supposed to "get to know much" about Burrell? If he'd like to invite for a get acquainted dinner, we could exchange pleasantries then -- otherwise we can only judge his on-field performance. And it's been awful.

      • MaggieMac says:

        No, I'm not Mrs. Burrell, but way to go for the easy internet joke that anyone who defends the player must be the wife. I wouldn't touch a ballplayer with a 40-foot sterilized pole, fwiw.

        I have no problem with people taking issue with Burrell's on-field performance. Yes, it has been horrible and he himself has said as much. But I've read too many comments here and elsewhere in the Rays blogosphere questioning his "heart", his "fire", his "drive", and that he's just there for the paycheck (which is absolutely ridiculous considering he already made $50 million plus before he ever set foot in the Trop).

        When you have an extra few minutes, check his stats for 2003. That season, he hit a whopping .209 with 21 homers and only 64 RBI. This was a season after hitting .282/37/116. Despite that, he managed to win over a fanbase that's not exactly kind to players who don't perform well. He did that by constantly working his ass off - always among the first to arrive at the ballpark everyday, etc. - even while going into horrendous slumps that would last a month or sometimes more.

        Say his year's been awful, say he hasn't gotten the job done that he was brought in to do, but don't say he doesn't care. One ring isn't enough.

  4. Don says:

    I don't have a problem with Burrell "caring" or not, but evidently the players do....I've never seen or heard about CC saying anything to anyone about the way they were performing.....think it is more than that....
    Attitude means a lot in fitting in...and If Burrell doesn't want to fit...
    and portrays that attitude...someone (CC in this case) will let him know about it !!
    As much as his performance we all agree...he SUCKS!

    • MaggieMac says:

      How do you know it had anything to do with either Burrell's performance or attitude? I've been able to find nothing to indicate what Crawford's problem with him was - just that he shouted angrily at Pat, who didn't respond. Maybe Burrell took his parking place that morning.

      • Don says:

        The day I see Carl YELL at someone about a parking place or maybe a towel in the shower I'll agree with you....
        Till then... I'll go with "enough is enough with the attitude buster!!"


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