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The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

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THE GOOD: Wade Davis. Big Dub got stronger as the night went on, retiring the last 11 batters he faced for his second big league win…Carl Crawford. Well it wasn’t #100 or even #80, but CC did steal his 60th base of the season to set a franchise record…Defense. We really miss the defense of 2008, but every once and a while we get a reminder. Last night BJ Upton made two great catches, including one of the over-the-shoulder variety while running full speed for the first out in the 7th. And Gabe Gross showed off his QB arm to end the first, throwing out a runner at home…Well, there’s that…Last night was the Rays 81st win of the season, thus assuring them of their 2nd ever non-losing season…

THE BAD: 20,701. As in the combined attendance for the last two games, barely breaking 10,000 each night…Captain Hook. The ends of these games are really getting tough to watch. Last night Joe Maddon used 5 pitchers to record the final 6 outs.

THE TELLING: BJ Upton was back in the leadoff spot with Jason Bartlett getting the night off…With 5 games remaining in the regular season, each of the starting pitchers will now be making their final starts of the year, beginning with James Shields tonight…Rookie pitchers have started 56 games for the Rays this season.



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  • James Shields talks about the disappointment of not having any complete games this season. [Tampa Tribune]
  • When he is on, BJ Upton has some of the quickest wrists in baseball and even this year, he is great when pulling the ball. [The Rays Party]
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  1. Beth says:

    Please, enough about the attendance. It's a week night game between two teams out of contention. I'm surprised 10,000 people are willing to pay to see it.

    I have tickets for some of the last remaining games, but I'm a baseball nut.

    • Here are te attendance figures for the other 4 games last night that featured 2 non-playoff/contender teams: 19,164 (Mets@Nats), 35,308 (Pit@Chi), 18,167 (A's@M's), 28,309 (Ari@SF).

      Believe me, I'm tired of pointing it out, but 10,000 is not much more than a Spring Training game.

      • Don says:

        In two more weeks, with baseball over, you can start reporting on the Tampa Bucs attendance....wonder how they will be doing in that loser town...bet the "media" types don't come down on them as hard as the Rays... even though the Rays will be up for the Season...Bucs won't!
        "Progress is our (Rays) most important product"
        Rays will be up again in 2010 and Bucs won't...Book it!

    • Brixology says:

      I can't recall what the goal was exactly, but don't these attendance numbers confirm that the number of season ticket holders is less than 10,000? I know they were hoping for more than that.

      • Good point, the full season ticket holders must be well-below 10k. But I am not sure how they count people with partial packages. I think some teams consider those "season ticket holders" even if they just have 25 or 50 games.

  2. KillaTapes says:

    In other news, I'm now 2 games back in the race and have some ground to cover on DRR. Time to pull out all the stops.

    • DRR says:

      To keep it interesting (since not much else is in what we have left this season), I am going to try to get on the site and make my pick early for each game so you have the chance to choose someone else (unless you want to make the same pick I do knowing it can help you gain any ground).

      • KillaTapes says:

        Haha, works for me- I actually was going to choose Davis last night, but I knew I had to go another route if I wanted any chance to gain some ground. Here's to at least having one close race! Hopefully next season the Rays give us something real to look forward to.

        • DRR says:

          Actually, it looks like you are going to get a free shot tonight, since I won't have computer access again tonight.

          Good luck earning back the point you lost last night...

  3. Gus, a casual fan says:

    Nobody is in the stands at any of these meaningless Septemeber weeknight games. It is all a function of how many people got hoodwinked into buying tickets to games they don't go to. The Rays have to get their season ticket base up. They must. This is why I think the Kazmir trade was so devastating. It was a move that was made while they still had a chance to play meaningful games in September. How fun would it be know to be chasing a collapsing BoSox squad? How may years are they going to be that close to a playoff spot with a month to go? Why buy tickets when your owner says his "goal" is to be playing meaningful games in September 5 of 10 years. Why buy tickets for the down years when you can save your powder and jump on the bandwaggon?

    Sports ownership is a 2-way street. But when you are slagging on your market, your community support, your stadium (which most fans will tell you is just fine), why do people want to buy in to that? They need to continue the culture of winning (why I really think it was a good sign the team has rallied from the post-Kazmir collapse to make something of itself). The season ticket sales are absolutely crucial, and they've made those a much harder sale this off-season I fear. I'd suggest the day the exercise CC's option, Sternberg show up and start to repair community relations.

  4. Dirtbag Fan says:

    Attendance is a disappointing, but as a business owner I can tell you that people just aren't spending money... at all.

    I know blaming the economy is cliche and over-played, but it's reality just the same. I would venture to say that even if last night's game had been a meaningful game that it still wouldn't have come close to a sell-out.
    Times are tough. Fans are getting fatigued. Watching 162 games is taxing on a fans emotions- especially when expectations were so unrealistically high this season.

    I mentioned it on my blog and I'll say it again; if the Rays can dig-out 4 wins out of their last 5 games they'll have an 85 win season which, all things considered, is a fairly impressive feat while playing in the AL East.

    Disappointing, but only because everyone dreamed of a return trip to the promised land.

    • Dirtbag Fan says:

      *disappointing (not "a disappointing")

    • Gus, a casual fan says:

      I agree. Nobody showed up in Detroit either last night, and their owner increased payroll and cut ticket prices in light of the hard economic times. Florida's economic troubles are quite as sexy as Detroit's, but have been in many way just as bad if not worse. No Federal government bailout coming to our workers. Just wish Stu and the management had a little more a sense of the market and the tough economic times; seems unfair to be complaining about your market, your stadium and your support when you are stuffing money in your pockets and even the Rays Heckler can't afford tickets any more.

  5. Don says:

    If the Rays were fighting it out this week for a playoff spot I guarantee there would be 30,000+ for all weekday games ....and sold out for weekend with the Yankees...look up last years figures during run down..
    Thus, Ownership/management/coaches and players failure to be in the race have more to do with attendance than the fans themselves..... Think about it!
    Plus there were no "fatigued" fans I met last year....we partied for days at a time!


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