1. Tone says:

    I would rather keep both though, put Zobrist in right, keep Aki, and bring up DJ in middle of season. Reid can be on bench. Sadly they will most likely get rid of people and further destroy chemistry. Baseball sadness.

  2. Jim says:

    I won't vote on this poll, I think trading both would be a mistake. Trading Crawford would send a bad message to the team and the fans, and trading Upton would be selling low. I know some on here disagree, but he definitely has the potential to be an all star and is already a gold glove CF.

    • Jim says:

      Sorry, that should be "gold glove caliber CF"

    • Gus, a casual fan says:

      It is only selling low if you think there is a real ballplayer down there. By contrast, his afforability means every team in the majors could be your trading partner, not just the big markets (unlike Kazmir), and you blame his production dip on the shoulder. If you figure he is Delmon Young -- a talented but flawed guy, then maybe you do trade him and make room for Jennings.

      Personally, I like depth and would keep him but give Jennings a chance to beat him out in the spring. Instead, I think they are going to play games with Jennings' arb clock and keep him down in AAA for a good part of 2010. The upside of dumping Kazmir and his salary this year should be the ability to pick up CC's option.

  3. Don says:

    Got to keep CC one more year.... then he is gone....
    Probably can't get anything for Bj because of his year, plus he only makes $450,000, keepable for 2010 But make him earn the starting position.... there could be lots of competition.... esp if Zo is in the outfield mix ...someone has to sit.... it could be him the way he is playing now!

  4. Jessica says:

    Yeah, where is the neither option? Or at least Gabe Gross or Gabe Kapler.
    No seriously I would hate to see Carl or BJ go, but such is the baseball business. I learned that the hard way last offseason. sniff sniff

  5. I think the overwhelming majority would say "neither," but I want to see: if you had no choice, and HAD to trade one, which would you pick considering all factors such as production, upside, age, contract, body odor, Salsa abilities, etc.

    • Don says:

      Write this heard it in 2009...
      BJ Upton will NEVER become the baseball player Carl Crawford IS NOW!
      NEVER, EVER.... NEVER....This lifetime or any other......
      So I guess that means keeping CC.....

  6. Ken Kandefer says:

    If we have to trade one, my vote is to trade CC since he continues to have health issues (SB's are down drastically since All-Star Break). He hurt his back, and his legs don't hold up on the Trop turf. AF told us we may have to trade a player a year too early instead of a year to late (sounds like CC goes this winter). DJ can play LF before moving to CF when BJ goes a year or two from now. BJ will be motivated in 2010 after he sees the low arbitration salary he will receive due to his dismall 2009 season. CC had his lowest production ever in '08 and we still made the playoffs. Trade him to S.F. and get their stud minor league pitcher and Posey to be our catcher.

  7. Beth says:

    OK, we're not allowed to say "neither" makes no sense to trade BJ. His trade value at present is about as low as it will ever be. And he earns very little above the major league minimum. There's little to lose in keeping him, and probably not much to gain in trading him.


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