1. Brixology says:

    Zobrist at 2nd, Joyce in right. Which opens a space on the bench for Nando. That is, of course, assuming the DRO doesn’t do something crazy and start trading away Carl/Carlos/BJ, etc.

  2. Beth says:

    Can someone provide evidence that Matt Joyce is poised to be an everyday MLB outfielder? I’ve read a lot of comments on this and other sites about bringing up Matt Joyce, but his few games in the majors weren’t impressive, and when I look at his Durham hitting stats they don’t seem overwhelming — .273 BA with 16 HRs, and you figure his production is likely to go down, not up, facing major league pitching. Our goal is to find an everyday player who improves on the combined production of Gabes. Is he that guy?

    • KillaTapes says:

      12 HR, 33 RBI in 92 games for The Tigers in ’08. Kid has a sweet swing and above average defense, I think he is a very capable Major Leaguer. Time will tell I suppose, but I think either way his production will easily top the Gabe platoon.

    • Michael says:

      Was there any evidence prior to the season that Ben Zobrist was poised to be an everyday MLB anything? Not really.

      Joyce’s problem has always been hitting lefties, so what if Gabe Gross was non-tendered but we kept Kapler around as the right handed hitting portion of a platoon with Joyce?

      • Beth says:

        Well, I’m not quite sure what Ben Zobrist has to do with the Matt Joyce situation — surely you’re not suggesting that the Rays should assume that every so-so player is going due for a break-out year? The trick is figuring out who is likely to get better.

      • Brixology says:

        Nando’s a natural righty, right? Is his arm good enough to play right? That’s an exciting platoon.

  3. KillaTapes says:

    Man, watching Desmond in that game last night, he looks serious! Not sure if they’ll bring him up so soon, but imagine an outfield of CC/Upton/Jennings, fastest outfield in the majors, nothing would drop in! Or you could trade BJ and have CC/Jennings/Joyce. I think Zorilla’s a lock for 2B, with Aki’s contract most likely not being picked up. I’m excited to see what they do this offseason, and have hope that this team is much stronger next season.

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